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2006 Winner | Resource Systems Group

Resource Systems Group, Inc. (RSG) was founded in 1986 by three Dartmouth College professors. Each worked for more than a decade on research, academic studies and consulting projects, providing the foundation for the company's expertise in planning, analysis, and management of business, infrastructure and natural resources.

Since 1994, RSG has been headquartered in White River Junction and recently opened satellite offices in Chicago, Illinois and Burlington, Vermont. RSG serves clients who share the belief that high-quality, objective analysis is a prerequisite to resolving complex problems.

Employee growth and development plays a key role in the RSG workplace. Honored in 2006 as one of Vermont's best places to work, RSG is dedicated to providing a supportive workplace for its employees.

RSG recognizes that it is no longer good enough just to provide long term employment with good benefits; it is also important to be a community steward. RSG's flexible workplace allows staff members to volunteer during the business day. As one employee commented, "The people are an extremely intelligent, competent group of individuals who are committed to doing good work.

The atmosphere is stimulating, but relaxed - and people's personal lives are highly valued and respected. Lastly, this organization has been extremely supportive to many individuals who have sought to advance their education. Because we are employee owned, there is a stronger sense of connection and accountability. When I describe my work environment to other people, they almost always respond, "I can't believe you work for such an amazing company!""

Each year, RSG donates 5-20% of net income to charitable causes. Solicitations during this year are evaluated by a charitable giving committee, but the majority of charitable giving is directed by the employees themselves through a point allocation system from among a list of non-profits that have been nominated during the year.

RSG is an employee owned company. This helps foster an atmosphere in which everyone is listened to and encouraged to become involved in company initiatives, policy development and ad hoc committees.

For example, through open book financials, which are discussed in detail at a firm-wide meeting each month, staff members are kept apprised of financial performance, and are made aware of how their hard work pays off in profit sharing and appreciation of company stock.

RSG specializes in areas that promote respect of the natural environment in Vermont and around the country. These include sustainable transportation, noise, air and renewable energy.

In the area of renewable energy, one of RSG's Chairmen is involved in the national dialogue to define how renewable energy certificates will be used for a carbon trading market. Within transportation, RSG occupies a critical niche in the world of congestion pricing, an evolving practice that gets commuters out of their single occupancy vehicles and into carpools or on mass transit.

When growth forced RSG to begin looking for a new site for its White River Junction headquarters, it would have been more convenient and less expensive to build in a cow pasture or relocate to New Hampshire's more favorable tax environment, but RSG felt committed to Vermont.

Instead, RSG worked with developers and local municipal officials to move its headquarters into downtown White River Junction. Clayton Adams, Chief Operating Officer, commented, "Once we made that decision, we have never looked back."

RSG has served numerous private and public sector clients in a wide array of industries, including over 20% of the Fortune 500 top 100 firms, as well as many smaller firms.