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2013 Best Places to Work in Vermont

The employee interviews, company rankings and profiles for the 2013 Best Places to Work in Vermont awards.


Small/Medium Sized Companies

1. Fuse Marketing | 2. Wells River Savings Bank | 3. AllEarth Renewables | 4. Vermont Public Radio | 5. ASIC North, Inc. | 6. Wild Apple Graphics | 7. Vermont College of Fine Arts | 8. Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP | 9. Seventh Generation | 10. Vermont Foodbank | 11. Liquid Measurement Systems | 12. Farm & Wilderness Foundation


Large Sized Companies


Small/Medium Companies

  • 110 West Canal Street
  • Winooski, VT 05404
  • Phone: 802.864.7123
  • Web:
  • Industry: Marketing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 35

Fuse, LLC is a youth culture marketing agency that connects brands with teens and young adults. Fuse’s services include brand strategy, public relations, insights, event marketing, design, social media and digital services. The Fuse staff, led by Partners Bill Carter, Issa Sawabini and Brett Smith, is comprised of marketing professionals and cultural experts.

The creative environment Fuse provides allows employees to share ideas, insights, and inspiration, and continually learn from one another. Various benefits and perks help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance, on both a social and community level. Full-time employees receive generous benefits including health and dental insurance, liberal vacation time, a season’s pass to a local mountain resort of their choice, an annual fitness reimbursement, and paid time off for volunteering. Employees are also encouraged to make use of flex time, half-day Fridays in the summer, and comp days for weekend work. 

Standup paddleboards are available for staff use on nearby Lake Champlain or Winooski River. Fun company events include summer lobster/clambake, ice cream socials, holiday party, and bowling night.

Senior staff remains available and the company has an intranet that allows staff to post, share and read information to inspire each other.


Small/Medium Companies

  • P.O. Box 645
  • Wells River, VT 05081
  • Phone: 802.757.2361
  • Web:
  • Industry: Banking
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 65

Wells River Savings is a locally owned mutual savings bank founded in 1892. We are headquartered in Wells River with six offices—East Thetford north to Wells River—along the Connecticut River. As “Your Good Neighbor Bank” we are dedicated to honoring our tradition of friendly, personal service and our strong commitment to the community.
Our employees have created an organization that is more than just a place to work—it’s more like a family, full of caring and understanding people who support each other in times of need and in times of celebration. Various programs allow employees to integrate their personal, family, and community commitments with their work, including our paid short-term family leave and our “Day of Service” for volunteering at a non-profit of our choosing.
We provide training, recognize abilities, and reward employees by promoting from within whenever possible.
Our CEO sends emails updating the entire bank on his activities. He makes frequent unplanned visits to the branches with pastries in hand. Annually, small groups of employees go to lunch with a member of senior management. Employees are recognized for every five years of service. Additional paid time off is frequently awarded as prizes for contests or for special occasions. Our wages are competitive and our benefits generous.


Small/Medium Companies

  • 94 Harvest Lane
  • Williston, VT 05495
  • Phone: 802.872.9600
  • Web:
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 24

We believe that almost everyone wants to work somewhere where they can be comfortable being who they are, knowing they are working someplace where their work really makes a difference; someplace where the business mission is very much in line with their personal passion.  We believe that our employees help make us one of the best places to work in Vermont because they really want to be here, doing what we do every day, working together for the greater good.  We are definitely a company on a mission.
The people we hire are first and foremost technically competent. We screen thoroughly to make sure that they truly respect, share and appreciate our mission. Our employees recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We strive to create a family atmosphere which includes sharing lunch every day. We actually do eat a healthy, catered lunch together 4 times a week as a company benefit.
We do a lot of testing and pushing to discover the weak spots on the products that we design and assemble so we can make them more resilient and stronger. That's the kind of team we are building as well. We all collectively recognize that our work means something. We make a difference. And who wouldn't want to work on a team like that!


Small/Medium Companies

  • 365 Troy Avenue
  • Colchester, VT 05446
  • Phone: 802.655.9451
  • Web:
  • Industry: Media
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 45

Listener-supported Vermont Public Radio is Vermont's only statewide public radio network and is a trusted and independent source for news, music, conversation, NPR programming, and more. VPR is the most relevant source of news, information, music and cultural exploration available to Vermonters - when and where they want it.
Every member of VPR's staff is talented, passionate, and dedicated to helping public radio thrive in Vermont. We foster those sensibilities by creating a workplace culture that values teamwork and collaboration, opportunities for professional development, a flexible work environment, and a sense of humor. We celebrate our achievements and face challenges as a team.
Employees are appreciative of the generous PTO benefit. There is a flexible work schedule to accommodate events and appointments, along with autonomy. There are staff barbecues and on site Thai Chi classes. Along with the annual employee recognition luncheon, to recognize 5, 10, 15, 20, 25+ year milestones, there is also the annual holiday party to acknowledge accomplishments. 
VPR provides access to free financial planning advisors. There is the weekly email "notice to the staff" from the President. There are monthly staff meetings and weekly one-on-one meetings with managers and their direct reports. Employees are offered productivity or time management workshops, seminars or classes.


Small/Medium Companies


  • 310 Hurricane Lane
  • Williston, VT 05495
  • Phone: 802.863.0001
  • Web:
  • Industry: Technology
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 25

ASIC North is extremely proud to again be named as one of the Best Places to
Work in Vermont.  We could not be what we are without our employees.  ASIC
North provides design services for companies with semiconductor-based
needs.  ASIC North was founded upon the fundamental belief that providing
for the needs of employees enables employees to be productive and
successful, thus strengthening the company.  We feel very strongly about
hiring and retaining the best talent, and we do that by providing a generous
compensation package, including an excellent suite of benefits - fully paid
health and dental insurance for employees and their dependents, disability
insurance, generous paid time off, flex time, and contributions to
retirement accounts.  We also provide an annual incentive program based on
the growth of the company.  ASIC North's management team has an open door
policy, and we hold quarterly review meetings for all employees to discuss
the results of the most recent quarter as well as review our forecast for
the foreseeable future.  We believe all of these factors make ASIC North a
great place to work.  We clearly value our employees' opinions and will
strive to do our best!


Small/Medium Companies


  • 2513 West Woodstock Road
  • Woodstock, VT 05091
  • Phone: 802.457.3003
  • Web:
  • Industry: Publishers/Printers
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 29

At Wild Apple we find, create and deliver great art for the world. We license artwork to manufacturers of a wide variety of home and gift products. Working with the art and artists is inherently satisfying, being a creative, innovative and prolific process.
Wild Apple creates a casual work environment and supports a flexible, family-first philosophy and a friendly, humorous and genuine approach to business. There are bi-weekly all company staff meetings, featuring open-book financial information, trailing 12-month sales trend lines by customer and product, current events, industry news or rumors, occasional skits, as well as periodic company progress reports from the president. There are 10 year and incremental 5 year employee service recognition gifts.
Fun events include a summer rafting trip and one or two give-aways per year of licensed product samples. There are occasional individual or departmental appreciation lunches or gifts.
Employeesare given up to 8 hours of community service time per year to support an organization of their choice. There are weekly donations to the local food shelf.
Wild Apple offers a Health Savings Account and covers 100% of medical insurance premiums once the employee hits the deductible.


Small/Medium Companies


  • 36 College Street
  • Montpelier, VT 05602
  • Phone: 802.828.8580
  • Web:
  • Industry: Education
  • Full-time Employees in the US: NA

Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA), a national center for graduate education in the arts, occupies a unique place in higher education. Renowned for its prestigious MFA programs, VCFA seeks to shape the future of the arts by fostering the excellence of emerging and established artists. Through its pioneering low-residency model, VCFA offers the MFA degree in Writing, Writing for Children & Young Adults, Visual Art, Music Composition, Graphic Design and Film. Its distinguished faculty includes Pulitzer Prize finalists, National Book Award winners, and Newbery Medalists.
For more than seventy years VCFA has been a site for progressive education on this historic campus in Montpelier. The college seeks to shape the global future of the arts, allowing members to reach the highest standards as individuals while recognizing that the arts are one of the foundations of a healthy and creative society.
What makes us unique is a strong sense of community and general well being, family-centric workplace committed to life balance, flexibility and transparency across the organization, employee understanding of institutional goals, and a socially responsible culture. There is an atmosphere of collective energy and tremendous camaraderie of staff, faculty and students where all are valued.


Small/Medium Companies


  • 55 Community Drive, Suite 501
  • South Burlington, VT 05403
  • Phone: 802.651.7218
  • Web:
  • Industry: Accounting
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 65

We continue to live by our vision statement: "Gallagher Flynn strives to be the best by contributing profoundly to the success of our clients, employees and community." In order to be successful in these key areas, it is critical that we provide the highest level of service to our clients so that they can continue to grow and be successful. We are passionate about our staff and we strive to treat each of them fairly and with dignity, keeping a healthy perspective about life and work and fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment. We encourage our staff to live our values by being of service to our community by providing time off and financial support whenever possible.
Some of the many reasons employees say Gallagher, Flynn & Co is a great place to work include the flexible schedules and work/life balance. Saturday breakfasts are provided by the managers and dinners are brought in during tax season. The office closes down one afternoon during the summer to provide community service, and closes at 2 PM during the summer. Support is provided with a formal mentoring program where the mentor helps their mentee develop and advance their career.


Small/Medium Companies


  • 60 Lake Street
  • Burlington, VT 05401
  • Phone: 802.658.3773
  • Web:
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 91

Though we’ve long been one of the country’s leading brands of non-toxic and recycled household goods, Seventh Generation was founded on more than a belief in the fundamental need for a safe and healthy environment. For 25 years, we’ve been creating that place to work and supporting our co-workers with tangible manifestations of this philosophy. We forge an office environment that is both a fun and rewarding place to spend each weekday. We are an empowering, authentic, values-driven organization.
To enhance the health and wellness of our coworkers and families, there are fitness reimbursements, and all enjoy comprehensive health insurance.
We also believe in carrying our philosophies out into the world around us. Employees are eligible for energy efficiency reimbursements and 100% of the cost of public transportation. There is paid time-off each year to do volunteer work.
To promote equity in compensation practices, our highest executive salary is currently measured at 15 times our lowest full-time salary. We have an annual bonus incentive program and stock option awards. New-hire stock grants make each employee an equity stakeholder.
We provide financial support for educational opportunities that will contribute to personal and professional growth in the company, and offer in-house personal and professional development courses throughout the year.


Small/Medium Companies


  • 33 Parker Road
  • Wilson Industrial Park, Barre, VT 05641
  • Phone: 800.585.2265
  • Web:
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Full-time Employees in the US: NA

The mission of the Vermont Foodbank is to gather and share quality food and nurture partnerships so that no one in Vermont goes hungry. As the largest hunger-relief organization in Vermont, we supply 270 local food shelves, meal sites, senior centers, and after school programs with the food they need to feed as many at 86,000 Vermonters each year.  
Vermont Foodbank is one of the best places to work in Vermont because we provide a wide variety of career opportunities, competitive salaries and benefits, and a working environment that brings passion and compassion to the work of feeding our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors throughout the communities we serve in Vermont.
We have a generous paid time-off policy, great benefits package and flexibility. There are 15 paid holidays annually plus employee’s birthday.
There is access to company vehicles for business-related travel. We provide an employee assistance program. There are weekly department meetings, monthly all-staff meetings, and a regular newsletter is distributed twice monthly.


Small/Medium Companies


  • 141 Morse Drive
  • Georgia, VT 05468
  • Phone: 802.528.8100
  • Web:
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 27

LMS is a family-owned business where our employees come first. 
Founded in 1989, the company has grown to become a leader in the design and manufacture of custom fuel gauging systems for the aerospace industry. 
We maintain a positive work environment by offering a compelling suite of employee benefits that also includes our commitment to paying our employees at or slightly above market average to attract and retain the best workforce. We emphasize a healthy balance between work and personal life with a Vacation Stipend. Management regularly solicits input from all employees on goals and strategies through quarterly company Town Meetings.
Teamwork is part of the fabric of both work and play at LMS. There are BBQ Wednesday’s and team competitions in summer.
Some of our employees have told us that they like the feeling of community and team spirit they find at LMS. As a company, we do our best to nurture and grow those qualities with employee benefits and programs that reward and invest in our greatest asset, our employees.
Everyone at LMS is excited about our plans for future growth and committed to achieving them, with the same positive energy that has propelled our growth and success in the past.


Small/Medium Companies


  • 263 Farm & Wilderness Road
  • Plymouth, VT 05056
  • Phone: 802.422.3761
  • Web:
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 21

The Farm & Wilderness Foundation is a Quaker-based non-profit that operates six summer camps in Plymouth, VT, as well as year-round educational retreats and workshops, and internship programs in farming, facilities maintenance and retreat program management. The camps offer youngster challenging wilderness trips, a connection with nature in our organic farm and gardens, home-grown entertainment, community service and time for quiet reflection. Farm & Wilderness has 20-year employees and is the largest employer in Plymouth during the summer, hiring an additional 240 staff. Flextime, summer camp discounts and a fall and winter supply of fresh, organic produce are some of the ways Farm & Wilderness has contributed to employee satisfaction beyond the usual salary and benefits.
Other factors that make us unique are:
- flextime and flexible schedule, generous leave (holiday, sick, vacation, comp)
-tuition discount for staff
-CSA- organic, fresh produce, milk, eggs, meat produced at F&W (at cost)
- Trainings, financial support and encouragement for continued education and professional development
-Open Door Policy
-Transparency- Management team meeting notes are distributed to all year-round employees, comments are encouraged.
- Weekly staff meetings, regular communications to staff, and employee parties



Large Companies


  • P.O. Box 186
  • Montpelier, VT 05601
  • Phone: 802.233.6131
  • Web:
  • Industry: Health Insurance
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 330

As the state’s only Vermont-based health plan, and as a not-for-profit company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont is dedicated to building a health care system in which every Vermonter has health coverage and receives timely, effective and affordable care. With a mission to always put the member’s experience first, BCBSVT extends that promise to its employees. The company provides employees with exceptional resources to ensure holistic health and workplace satisfaction. 
Benefits at BCBS promote the physical, emotional and financial well-being of our employees. The comprehensive benefit offering covers health and life insurance, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement and more. Our STRIVE (Steps Towards Reaching Individual Vitality and Energy) worksite wellness program engages and motivates our employees through a combination of flexible benefit design, wellness initiatives and incentives. 
All employees participate in an annual service quality education program developed to promote a culture of caring and to enhance the skills we must use to create that experience for our members. These trainings have reinforced the strong company morale and sense of loyalty. The strong bonds between our 300 employees are a major asset to the company. As we enter this unprecedented time in health care, our employees know they can rely on the company to educate and transition Vermonters.


Large Companies


  • 322 North Main Street, Suite 4
  • Barre, VT 05641
  • Phone: 802.476.6200
  • Web:
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 36,522

At Edward Jones, the business model is one financial advisor and one or two branch office administrators operating branches located: teams working directly and locally with more than 7 million clients to understand their personal goals – from college savings to retirement – and create long-term investment solutions that emphasize a well-balanced portfolio and a buy-and-hold strategy.
This is a rewarding work environment, where branch teams build face-to-face relationships with clients. Branch teams also get involved in their local communities, as giving back and the flexibility to plan their branch schedules is a given.
“One thing that makes Edward Jones a great place to work is how we support each other,” explains veteran Financial Advisor Joe LoMonaco in Brattleboro. “For example, there may be several branches in the same town or city. Rather than competing with each other, we share our experiences and expertise on a regular basis so that each of our businesses prospers and grows.”
How well this works is clear: Edward Jones has been named a top training company for 13 years in a row by Training magazine. Edward Jones ranked No. 12 on Training magazine's 2013 Training Top 125 list and won special recognition for a branch office administrator training program. About 40% of all Edward Jones associates are owners and share in annual earnings.


Large Companies


  • 128 Lakeside Avenue, Suite 401
  • Burlington, VT 05401
  • Phone: 802.658.6060
  • Web:
  • Industry: Service
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 165

Employees of Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) have once again ranked their company as one of Vermont’s Best Places to Work, citing work/life balance, generous benefits including yearly sustainability incentives, and the chance to put tangible effort toward a shared goal.
VEIC was founded in 1986 as a nonprofit energy services organization dedicated to reducing the economic, social, and environmental costs of energy consumption. As one employee put it “I get to spend each day working toward a goal I truly believe in.”
VEIC maintains a work-life balance, a flexible work environment. We respect employees' time management. We have a bike fleet available for staff use. VEIC responds to community needs and crises.
There is an electric vehicle education & demo day, monthly skill building series, as well as experiential learning opportunities and peer teaching. Career coach & resources are also available. HR gathers and delivers feedback and offers relevant learning resources for leadership development to help them achieve job and career goals, and also a supervisors network to support peer learning and exchange.
VEIC provides a natural light atmosphere with a lake views setting. VEIC gives each new employee a beautiful VT handcrafted glass sun catcher with the letters VEIC embossed in it. The art displayed and the furnishings reflect our mission, values and overall culture.


Large Companies


  • 135 US Route 5 South
  • Norwich, VT 05055
  • Phone: 802.649.3881
  • Web:
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 155

Here at The King Arthur Flour Company in Norwich, Vermont, we enjoy our jobs. As America’s premier baking resource, we sell flour and baking products to bread bakers and cookie lovers all over the country. We feel good taking care of our customers, our community, and the beautiful environment around us – all part of our mission. And as a 100% employee-owned company each person working here has a real stake in the company’s success – or failure – which further drives us to be exceptional in all areas of our business.
We take pride in our efforts to make King Arthur Flour a great place to work, and we’re deeply honored to be recognized as a leader in workplace practices. It’s all the more incentive to continue doing our best for our employees. 
Our efforts include 40 hours of paid volunteer time each year for full time employees, on-site exercise classes and workout room, receiving a floating holiday during their birthday month, a locally raised turkey is given for Thanksgiving, and the CEO hosts a performance recognition lunch with employees.
As an employee-owned company, it is a major milestone when an employee becomes 100% vested in our at 7 years tenure, a "vesting" ceremony where each receives a branded fleece vest.



Large Companies


  • 185 Old Ferry Road
  • Brattleboro, VT 05301
  • Phone: 802.257.5271
  • Web:
  • Industry: Energy
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 650

Everyone at Entergy Vermont Yankee is proud and honored to be named as one of the Best Places to Work in Vermont for a fourth year. There are many reasons why Vermont Yankee is consistently recognized as an excellent place to work and the dedicated employees who so strongly stand by their company say it best:
“Entergy Vermont Yankee promotes family and community building as part of being a good employee. Time off for family and health are granted when needed. My responsibilities outside of work have always been embraced by my supervision as part of the balance to maintain quality of life.”
“The people make the difference. We are always ready to help each other at work, home and in the community.”
“The most impressive thing, to me, is the safety culture. Each and every employee is empowered to stop a job if they have a safety concern and a questioning attitude is widely encouraged.”
“I am a long term employee and have stayed for many years because of the quality of the management and employees. I can’t think of a place I would have rather worked.”
Everyone looks forward to continuing to live up to the standards that allowed them to earn this esteemed award.



Large Companies


  • 459 Hurricane Lane
  • Williston, VT 05495
  • Phone: 802.862.6629
  • Web:
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: NA

MicroStrain, A Lord Company based in Williston, develops and manufactures tiny sensors that are used in a wide range of applications, including civil structures, advanced manufacturing, unmanned military vehicles, and automobile engines. Our sensors have won numerous awards and we pride ourselves on being both innovative and responsive to our customer's unique requirements. Sensors are literally changing our world; we're inspired to work with our customers to introduce advanced sensing technology that will enable the next generation of smarter and safer machines, civil structures, and implanted devices.
Microstrain has a performance review and goal planning process for employees. They communicate openly and often as employees and managers are encouraged to meet and review performance and goals quarterly. There are television screen communications throughout all facilities with both corporate and local messages.
As part of LiveWell LORD there are health and wellness incentives and local wellness challenges. The employees enjoy Friday bagels. There is a paid charitable giving day.
The company celebrates with service recognition awards (including luncheons dinners based on years of service), the annual Quarter Century Club, SPOT Awards, and the Performance Sharing Incentive Plan. All employees are eligible for American Express Gift Cards with rewards from $25-$250 for extra effort, business accomplishments, etc.



Large Companies


  • 1 Howard Street
  • Burlington, VT 05401
  • Phone: 888.894.8989
  • Web:
  • Industry: Design/Graphic/Web
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 700 is a leader in digital marketing solutions for the automotive industry. We provide services to help automotive retailers and manufacturers better connect to their existing or potential customers. Employees successes are featured in the daily newsletter. There is an annual award for outstanding employee: Earthling of the Year.
" is honored to have been named a Best Places to Work in Vermont for 2013. As a market-leading brand in our sector, we help the auto industry to utilize technology to better market themselves to today’s online car shoppers. Our innovation, creativity and culture is the underpinning to our success and helps us all thrive professionally and personally. Whether it’s the team dynamic, cutting edge technology, career advancement, access to wholesome food in our café, availability of fitness classes, a rich leadership development and Learning program, or the ability to be a part of something big, employees find ways to take advantage of and give back to this positive environment. We are showing that Vermont is a great place to do business and you can be successful by breaking convention and resetting expectations of today’s workplace. Thanks to VBM for showcasing as a fantastic place to grow your career!”



Large Companies


  • 33 Coffee Lane
  • Waterbury, VT 05676
  • Phone: 802.244.5621
  • Web:
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 5600

GMCR's employees share a commitment to the company's purpose of creating the ultimate beverage experience in every life we touch, from tree to cup --- transforming the way the world understands business. Our employees' passion for excellence, innovation and transformation has helped our company be a leader in the specialty coffee and coffee-maker business.
With nine production facilities throughout North America, GMCR is recognized for its award-winning coffees, innovative Keurig(r) Single Cup brewing technology, and socially responsible business practices. GMCR supports local and global communities by investing in sustainably-grown coffee, and donating a portion of its pre-tax profits to social and environmental projects.
Programs such as 52-hours of paid volunteerism annually, matching donations, company-paid trips to coffee-growing communities, and employee teams focused on local grant-making are some of the ways we encourage our nearly 6,000 employees to participate in our mutual commitment to improve human conditions and our planet.
There are continuous learning programs available, both for personal and professional growth. Opportunities to grow with the company, contribute to and share in the company's success include Employee Appreciation Days and Appreciative Inquiry Summits. There are on-site exercise classes, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, smoking cessation. Weight Watchers, and company-paid personal financial planning with a certified financial planner.



Large Companies


  • P.O. Box 25
  • Vergennes, VT 05491
  • Phone: 802.877.1200
  • Web:
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Full-time Employees in the US: 200

Country Home Products is very proud of our dedicated employees who make our company successful and are the reason we have been honored.
We’re driven by a shared commitment to quality - in everything we do - and take great pride in the products we sell and the service we provide to our customers and each other. We strive to treat our customers, vendors and one another with fairness, respect and appreciation.
Everyone in the company has the opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact on the company’s success and their own success as well. That's the freedom that comes with being part of a small and growing company that is passionate about the work they do, the products they produce and the customers they serve. 
What our employees say about being part of the Country Home Products family: 
“The company is a friendly and supportive work environment where there is a high level of respect for one another. “
“Causal family orientated business environment that shows tremendous respect for work life balance.”
“The people here make it a great place to work.”
“Not treated like a number but like an individual. “
“Straightforward open communication where your opinion really matters.” 

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