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ALICIA DeMartini

Alicia DeMartiniCareer Highlights:
I've been working in PR with socially responsible businesses for other three years. I first began at PMG Public Relations as an Intern during my senior year at Champlain College. After an exciting internship where I became immersed in agency PR, I was offered a position as Assistant Account Executive. Over the next two years and a promotion to Account Executive, I worked with a multitude of companies while learning the finer points of media relations, corporate communications, PR and social media. In the spring of 2012, I earned the title of Account Supervisor and become manager of a team at PMG. 

Community Involvement:
I recently began my second year as a volunteer ementor for, working with at-risk youth towards successfully graduating high school and moving on a path to a positive future. I've also engaged in community service with the PMG team, such as 2012 Green Up Day, and volunteered at a homeless shelter in my home state of NY, where I've worked on a few hands-on projects as well as assisted with social media strategy. 

Favorite part of job? I'm challenged every single day, which means that I'm constantly learning. Plus, I get to learn about a ton of fascinating industries and the good work that so many businesses are doing. It's exciting, and never boring.

Most inspiring mentor? 
I look up to both of my parents - they're incredibly hard-working and have taught me a lot about life, business and relationships. Their encouragement is never-ending!

Who is your living hero? Anyone whose full-time job is fighting for a cause. I've worked with a lot of nonprofits, and I never cease to be amazed by the number of hours and amount of sweat put into doing good for something you believe in.

Favorite downtime activity? Losing myself in an excellent book.

Favorite Vermont Escape? Hiking around Lake Dunmore and Silver Lake. My favorite spot in Vermont.

Favorite social network? 
It's a tie between Instagram and Pinterest. I guess I'm a visual person!

Favorite website? I love BuzzFeed. Always an interesting, funny take on the latest trends and news stories.

Vermont Business Person you would most want to network with? 
Steve Voigt, CEO at King Arthur Flour. I'm so impressed with that company, in many ways!

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