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Favorite Part of Job: I enjoy being able to work with family, be my own boss, and be outdoors.  I also really like working with animals.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Anywhere in the mountains, either enjoying a nice hike to a summit, or a refreshing swimming hole on a hot day.

Favorite downtime activity: Lounging around the house with my wife and kids. 

Favorite Social Media: I primarily use Facebook.  I like that I can keep up with friends whom I would have lost contact with otherwise. 

What is the best career advice you have received? Sell the cows, and get a good paying job.  (I have yet to take that advice!)

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? Hopefully working more on the home farm along side my family members.

Career Highlights:

Owner/Operator Godin Dairy Farm 2005- Present

Community Involvement:

Select board member 2012- present, Town of Franklin.

The Select Board is the governing body of the town, with a five member elected board. The following are duties performed, including:

-Setting policy and strategic direction in the best interests of the municipality as a whole

-Adopts policies which promote change and development in those areas and preserves those aspects of the municipality deemed most appropriate

-Takes part in direct planning and implementation of municipal services and of business related functions

Road Commissioner 2014- present 

Road commissioner is an elective position.

-responsible for the administrative, supervisory and technical work directing the operations of the Town of Franklin’s Highway Department. 


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