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BEN Kinnaman


Favorite Part of Job: Working around the ocean and developing technology that allows humans and machines to work together better.

Most Inspiring Mentor: Mike Kutzleb, President of Phoenix International and founder of a very successful offshore services company.  Honest and fair man who supported me when I decided to leave Phoenix and start Greensea. 

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I was a two-time state BMX champion in North Carolina.  

Favorite Vermont Escape: Preston Pond.

Favorite downtime activity: Shipwreck diving. 

Favorite Social Media: LinkedIn is a great tool to stay connected professionally and recruit new talent. 

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: My wife, Joanna Kinnaman at the Hatchet in Richmond, Vermont.

What is the best career advice you have received? I pitched the concept of OPENSEA (Greensea's core software framework) to the President of Phoenix International as a new business opportunity when I was an engineering manager.  Mike just looked at me and said, "It is not what we do."  I learned how important it is to define your market and focus on it.

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? Greensea's technology is not only revolutionizing the relationship operators have with robots in the subsea industry, but other industries as well.  We are dedicated to growing Greensea substantially over the next few years as we move into new markets.  Ten years from now, Greensea will be the standard in man-machine interface technology and the language any robot and its operator speaks.  I will have the pleasure of leading my team of smart and creative people on this journey.

Community Involvement:

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum ROV Camp. 

-Organizing and sponsoring the ROV camp at LCMM.

MMCTV Video Camp. 

-Supported middle school video camp, hosting camp at Greensea to do staff interviews and learn more about ROVs and careers as engineers. 

Shader Croft Summer Program

-Hosted a summer program at Greensea for an afternoon to teach them about ROVs and careers as engineers working with ROVs 

Saxon Hill Preschool

-Gave a presentation on underwater robots to a class of preschoolers. During the presentation, the kids had the opportunity to see four underwater robots, learn about their missions, and how to build them.

YMCA After School Program

-Presented at an after school program for elementary/middle school kids. 

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum ROV Camp

Echo Center ROV Camp

Richmond Economic Development Committee - advisory committee of business owners and community members in Richmond to steer the commercial development of the town

Camels Hump Middle School. After school program for the design and technology program. The program was a pilot program to develop a Marine Advance

Essex High School Robotics Club, FIRST team - sponsor and mentor. Hosted the FIRST team at Greensea several times a month to prepare for the FIRST competition.


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