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EVA McKend


Favorite Part of Job? My favorite part of working at WCAX is meeting dynamic and interesting people. I love that no day in the office is the same. It’s a privilege to interview a diverse cross section of Vermonters. In one week on our show the :30, I could be sitting down with a nationally recognized author, a local musician, a carillonist, a farmer and a candidate for president. There are few professional opportunities that offer that range. Being a journalist allows me to learn so much about the world and in turn a lot about myself.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My most inspiring mentor is my mother. She is an incredibly hard worker, aggressive, persistent, unapologetic and a fierce advocate for her one and only child. My mother never gives up and has instilled that sense of dogged and relentless determination in me

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I imagine few people know I love the outdoors. Growing up, I spent seven summers at a sleepaway camp for girls in New Hampshire. It was there that I learned to appreciate hiking, swimming, boating and nature.

Favorite Vermont Escape: There are so many places I love in Vermont but there is nothing like jumping into beautiful Lake Dunmore. It never disappoints.

Favorite Downtime Activity: My favorite downtime activity is hitting the trails. Mount Philo never fails. I really enjoy Nichols Ledge. I’ve also been fortunate to hike Mount Hunger and Mount Worcester. I’m still in training for Camel’s Hump and Mount Mansfield.

Favorite Super Hero: My favorite super hero is my father. He’s quiet but strong and a wonderful story teller. He even looks like a super hero with his pristinely coiffed gray afro.

Favorite Social Media: My favorite social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram. I used to enjoy tweeting live during the show Scandal but my work schedule no longer allows me to participate.

What is the best career advice you have received? The best career advice I’ve received is to be less intensely focused on what everyone else is doing because it distracts you from all of the opportunities you can take advantage of in your own professional journey.

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? I don’t know where I see myself in ten years but my hope is I am joyful, healthy, madly in love with life and finding purpose both personal and professionally.

Career Highlights: I’ve had so many incredible moments in my young career. When I was at Time Warner Cable News in New York, I was on the front lines of covering the immigration crisis when a number of unaccompanied minors were crossing the border, fleeing violence in Central America. One undocumented young man was able to reconnect with his family in Upstate New York and I was at the airport to witness the reunion. The now teenager had not seen his parents since he was a young child. A lot of people talk about borders, walls and immigration but to see it first hand, the devastation that failed policy has created was humbling. I will never forget seeing a teenage boy nearly fall to the floor out of joy to see his parents. It reminded me to never take anything for granted.

Community Involvement: I was fortunate to get connected with two great community organizations in Vermont. I am a mentor in the South Burlington school district and I also volunteer at the preschool program at King Street Center. Being around young people is such a joy. Children are perceptive and thoughtful. I would argue I’ve learned there is little use in trying to hide something from a child because they are wiser than many people realize. I get a lot more from those experiences than I could ever give. The real MVP’s are the teachers in the preschool program. They are such hard workers and are incredible to watch. It takes a lot of talent, love, creativity and patience to truly care for a child.



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