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IAN Davis

Company: State of Vermont - Department of Economic Development
Title: Director of Financial Services
Age: 31


Most Inspiring Mentor: I have always valued the role of mentorship very highly in my personal life and professional career and am fortunate to have had, and continue to have, many inspiring mentors that I connect with on a regular basis--to answer questions, ask advice or just to catch up. My mom has always been and will always be my most important mentor and champion; she has shaped my life and career in many ways and continues to be a source of inspiration for me.


Favorite Vermont Escape: Our family’s camp on Lake Dunmore in the summertime and skiing at Sugarbush in the wintertime--the best of both worlds! 


Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years: Running a public or nonprofit organization in Vermont. 


What motivated you to live and work in Vermont: My story is not unlike many other Vermonters my age; I grew up here, went to school here and left soon after graduating from college to explore new places--in my case, California to pursue my passion for skiing. In the years that followed, as I began to seriously consider where I wanted to settle down, build a successful career and raise a family, Vermont was always front of mind. Vermont’s quality of life, scale and proximity to family was what motivated me to move back and live and work in the state.


If you had unlimited access to funds, which causes would you support: I would support causes that are aligned with my interests and values, specifically those organizations that work closely with children and families in the areas of healthcare and education.


Career Highlights: As Director of Financial Services my role is, in many ways, to serve as Vermont’s ambassador to the global captive insurance industry. This coming fall I will be in Luxembourg attending the European Captive Forum where I will present to over 800 delegates from 250 organizations and 45 countries about the benefits of doing business in Vermont. Captive insurance is big business for our state and our economy; having the opportunity to showcase Vermont on a global stage is both humbling and extremely exciting--certainly a career highlight for me.  


Community Involvement: As a native Vermonter, I take pride in my home state and in my local community. Community involvement and volunteerism has played a central role in my personal and professional development and is one of the ways in which I can give back to the people, organizations and place that I love. 

I currently serve on the ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain Board of Directors, University of Vermont Regional Alumni Board and am a child life volunteer at the Vermont Children’s Hospital. Each of these institutions have touched my life at one time or another and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of them and supporting their respective missions.


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