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RYAN Chaffin


Favorite Part of Job? I love being able to work with some of the most iconic beverage brands in the world, and at the same time being able to work with the best Made in Vermont portfolio of partners the state has to offer. I have such a huge amount of respect for the portfolio  of brands we represent.

Most Inspiring Mentor: Would have to be my father, his work ethic growing up was amazing with multiple jobs and never complaining about what needed to be done. He certainly taught me lots about life, family, and to always keep your word on promises you make.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I was thrilled and excited to attend Champlain College for lots of great reasons when I was deciding where to attend school. None more important than to be in the the state and town where my favorite band came from, Phish!

Favorite Vermont Escape: My in laws house in Elmore VT, It's so quiet and easy going. Plus, my father in law loves a good beer so it's fun to bring him some special treats from the fridge.

Favorite Downtime Activity: I spend a lots of time attending events and our partners activity across the state all week so just being at home is always celebrated.

Favorite Super Hero: I honestly do not have a favorite, but as a good dad I will say Elsa from Frozen, my daughter would appreciate that. Not even sure she is an official superhero but in the eyes of Harlow Grace Chaffin, she  would definitely argue her rightful place as a superhero.

Favorite Social Media: Instagram by far, but Facebook is amazing just for the fact you can keep up with friends and family normally it would be tough to see.

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: I love when my parents visit here, so it's always fun to open a locally made beverage from a brand out of our portfolio to share. They all have such amazing stories and they are fun to showcase.

What is the best career advice you have received? Respect your competition, and you can still be kind when competing.

Career Highlights: It would be general, but I vividly remember my first day at work down at Breakwaters, at Long Trail Brewing and my first day at Farrell Distributing. Each of those days were such amazing stepping stones for me professionally and I respect all those folks that gave me those opportunities and that helped shape my career.

Community Involvement: This is something I very much love about what I currently do and how the ownership of Farrell very much believes in commitment to community as much as I do.  We get to make lots of things come together locally that help fellow non-profits, business, local charities and all sorts of folks that need help and fundraising efforts. I am also fortunate our brand partners also have amazing hearts and throw there efforts into the mix every day as well helping causes they believe in and are passionate about. The fact that I get to be a part of all those amazing opportunities to help deliver needs and wants through combined efforts is something I do not take for granted and cherish.



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