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Favorite Part of Job: My favorite part of my job is seeing something that was just an idea on paper become a reality.  

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: My senior year of High School, I was convinced by a friend to play ice hockey because they needed a backup goaltender (even though I had never played ice hockey on a team before).  We ended up winning the State Championship that year and I still play hockey goalie today.  

Favorite Vermont Escape: Although I haven't made it there in a while, the top of Camels Hump has always felt very special to me.  High atop Vermont with nothing to do but relax and take in the views.  

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: I could probably name a famous person or two, but when it really comes down to it, I would choose my wife, Meg.

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? I see my next ten years as a continuation on the path of developing dynamic and sustainable net-zero communities with my incredible team at Wiemann Lamphere Architects.

Career Highlghts:

Wiemann Lamphere Architects

Vice President

Community Involvement:

South Burlington Energy Committee

-Part of a solar task force to help encourage solar installations as part of the South Burlington Energy Prize competition. 

Common Roots 

-Volunteered to assist with developing plans for a community teaching kitchen within South Burlington. 

Orchard Elementary School 

-Volunteered time to build a log bridge through a wet area to “Gnome Island” and other similar school related activities.

Volunteer firefighter for 4 years which added up to well over 1,000 hours of time. 

Organized and managed a neighborhood farm group.


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