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Favorite Part of Job? I love that every day is different. I have also had many opportunities to meet a lot of interesting people who are also working on neat projects.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My Grandfather has been one of the most influential people in both my life and all of my professional endeavors. He was a brilliant machinist who I can attribute my love for design and engineering to. I am forever grateful for his guidance.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: My girlfriend and I adopted a blind dog named Ray Charles!

Favorite Vermont Escape: I enjoy Mini biking on Vermont back roads and trails. I also love to explore Vermont's great swimming holes.

Favorite Downtime Activity: Whats downtime? Honestly, I have made my hobbies my downtime, in turn my work is my downtime.

Favorite Super Hero: Ironman - Tony Stark, who wouldn't want an Ironman suit?

Favorite Social Media: Reddit is my favorite place for media. I favorite subreddit is submechanophobia. Look it up!

What is the best career advice you have received? So far the best advice has been to just keep moving forward. It’s always easier to throw in the towel, but it is so much more rewarding to use the towel to wipe off the sweat.

Career Highlights: I have enjoyed working many places in Vermont. A summer of work at Vermont Youth Conservation Camp, a counselor at  Green Mountain Conservation Camp, and internship at Husky injection molding to name a few. I am also proud the be an Eagle Scout and which has taken me many places. Most of the work I have done has been within my own company. Filabot specifically has allowed me to gain multiple awards for work within recycling and in the community.

Community Involvement: I grew up participating in Boy Scouts. In Scouts is where the desire and willingness to give back were instilled. Our Scout troop participated in many volunteering events, from providing meals to the homeless to helping our local community with general projects. My Eagle Scout project was rebuilding the deck on Taft Lodge, on Mt. Mansfield, for fellow hikers and travelers.
I was also a counselor at Green Mountain Conservation Camp for a few years. At this camp, campers would be taught outdoor skills, such as hunting, camping, and other survival skills. I assisted in teaching classes, cooking meals, and repairing camp equipment.
Recently I have been able to make time to give back to the local community. I have been volunteering at the Vermont Granite Museum. This is a great place to visit to learn about the history of Vermont Granite mining.
At Filabot we donate filament to the eNable community. This group 3D prints prosthetic hands for people in need. We provide this filament free of any cost, in the USA and around the world.



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