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The story of the Foley Family of Companies started in 1879, when Michael Foley purchased Goodwin’s Laundry in Rutland, Vermont. The business grew over generations and eventually became Foley Laundry, a business still in operation today. The Foley family used the small operation to launch new ventures and in 1973, the Foley Family of Companies was created. Today, the thriving business owns and operates The Party Store, Pistols & Roses, Foley Services and Foley Distributing.

The Foley Family of Companies is no stranger to the struggles that Vermont businesses face during uncertain economic times. Being in operation since 1879 will give any company an appreciation for a fluctuating economy and the savvy business skills needed to work with the changing times. A snapshot of the last five years shows a steady increase in sales totaling 22% while their staff swelled 17%. This growth exceeds the national average in their industry.

The Foley Family of Companies attributes over 130 years of success to the dedication of their customers and employees. The company business model is built on the work and creativity of its staff; empowering their workforce to continually develop new ideas to better serve existing customers. Weekly staff meetings and semi-annual reviews keep the business on track to continually set benchmarks and goals for both employee performance and customer service.

The company is not only dedicated to the betterment of its workforce but to the community in which it resides. The most notable contribution to their community in recent years is the Foley Cancer Center at Rutland Regional Medical Center. The Community Cancer Center was in much need of a facelift when it received a financial gift from the Foley family. This gift kicked off an important fundraiser that allowed the center to purchase vital equipment for cancer treatment. Now many patients who were previously travelling up to 100 miles to receive daily treatments have access to cutting-edge treatment options that they may have otherwise declined due to travel distance.

 One criterion for the Deane C. Davis award is a company’s recognition of the environment as a natural and economic resource for Vermont. The Foley Family of Companies has promoted green initiatives over the last 20 years, beginning with the simple act of partnering with companies that produce recycled products such as paper, towels and GreenSeal certified cleaning chemicals. The company led regional hospitals in a composting project and helped initiate the first large scale composting program in healthcare foodservice. The Foley Family of Companies has also implemented a new Power of Three® closed loop recycling system. The Power of Three ® is a partnership with three innovative companies, Casella Waste Systems, SCA Tork® and Foley Distributing. Casella Zero Sort® collects Foleys customer’s recyclables and sorts the materials using state-of-the-art technology. SCA purchases the Zero Sort® recycled paper from Casella to be made into various paper and tissue products. Closing the Loop, Foley Distributing delivers these renewed resources back to their customers. 

The Foley Family of Companies embodies the very essence of the Deane C. Davis award. They have struck a balance between serving their community and workforce while maintaining a savvy business sense enabling them to stay profitable. Taking into consideration all the company has accomplished in over 130 years, the Foley Family of Companies outlines itself as a strong contender in this trio of business excellence.