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KATIE Kittell


Favorite Part of Job: Every day is different! I am able to dabble in all sorts of things. From producing the entire magazine to editing video and even getting a chance to take photos for the cover. I enjoy designing event campaigns, posters and ads. It really is never dull:)

Most Inspiring Mentor: My family has always been there for me, pushing me to work harder and to be a better person. They have shaped me to the person I am today. They have inspired me to be awesome at life every day.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I can play the spoons...particularly when 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash comes on and family and friends are sitting around a bon fire;)

Favorite Vermont Escape: Every summer, since I was a little girl, my family has always gone to the Creamery Bridge swimming hole in Montgomery, VT. There's nothing better than jumping into the cool water on a hot summer day and having a picnic near the falls.

Favorite Downtime Activity: To relax, I listen to jazz either in my kitchen whilst I'm cooking, making pickles, pesto, gardening or even on my front porch watching the sunset!

Favorite Social Media: Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest vie for #1 on any given day.

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: I would love to sip 14th Star's Maple Breakfast Stout with no other than Grace Potter!

What is the best career advice you have received: Dress every day for the job you want.

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years: I can't remember a time where I wasn't creating some form of art. Even little, I used to draw, paint and design my own magazine covers. Yeah, I did that! I would cut out letters, pictures and create my own cover designs. Perfect for what I do today! I can't imagine myself not being an artist! I will continue to dabble in design, painting and photograpy either in a professionally capacity or for my personal enjoyment.

Career Highlights: Right out of graduating college, I was given a chance to work for Alison and Ethan Dezotelle at the County Courier. They really supported my creativity and I learned so much from them. After living in Massachusetts for many years, I decided to come back home to Vermont and VBM gave me the opportunity to do just that! It is here that I've been able to really grow professionally, network, learn and develop my creative soul!

Community Involvement: Shamrockin' for a Cure, a St. Patty's Day themed party with a purpose to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis was founded in Atlanta, GA by a family member, Pam Baker Reed. Most of our family, friends and communtiy could not make the trip down south so we created Shamrockin' for a Cure VT. Recently, I've become Co-Chair of Shamrockin' for a Cure VT. This is a great event that includes dinner, dancing and much more! My plan is to raise more money than the year before and I plan on being involved for a long, long time. As of right now, we have focused most of our effort in Franklin County, but I am hopeful that we can make this into a statewide event! Shamrockin' for a Cure VT has a special place in my heart, to raise money to find a cure so that many can live longer and healthier lives!



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