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FAYE Conte


Favorite Part of Job: My favorite part of my job is having the honor of working with such an inspiring, smart, and tenacious team who are so dedicated to making systemic change. Our work can be challenging, but we are making a difference, and we make sure to celebrate and have fun along the way.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My dad is a small business owner who has reinvented his career many times as his industry has evolved. I have always admired his sense of curiosity, love of learning, and commitment to finding joy in his work and try to keep these qualities present in my life as well. 

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I played classical piano from second grade through college, and came very close to majoring in music. I would have had a very different career had I followed that path!  

Favorite Vermont Escape: I love heading down to Southwestern Vermont where I grew up and revisiting the hikes and swimming holes I've loved since I was little. Being in those woods feels like home to me.

Favorite downtime activity: Our backyard is filled with fruit trees, gardens, and chickens. I love spending my summer weekends working on the garden, and my winters planning its inevitable expansion. 

Favorite Social Media: I like Instagram because allows me a little window into the lives of my friends and family that live far away without the clutter of Facebook. 

What is the best career advice you have received? The best career advice I've received is two-fold: to have confidence in my abilities and to make sure I feel energized by my work.

Career Highlights:

Hunger Free Vermont, As a lobbyist, lead organization’s state and federal advocacy to end hunger and malnutrition in Vermont

Community Involvement:

Director, Neighboring Food Coop Association

Steering Committee, Grow Team O.N.E.

City Market/Onion River Co-op

VSAC Scholarship Committee

Burlington Business & Professional Women

City Market/Onion River Co-op volunteer


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