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ANNIE Crawford


Favorite Part of Job? I love interacting with everyone on staff; in particular I thrive on helping people to solve problems. Whether it be financial planning and tracking, mapping out capacity/staffing, or giving simple tips about how to use Excel – I get real satisfaction from finding efficient and impactful ways to achieve our goals.

Most Inspiring Mentor: I feel lucky to have many mentors for several different areas in my life. Relating to my professional development and my current job, I am so grateful to have Barbara Wagner in my corner (we met at the Vermont Land Trust). Her low-ego approach to problem-solving and always looking to systems solutions rather than blaming individuals has had a huge impact on me, both personally and professionally.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I meditate regularly to stay grounded, balanced and filled with energy.

Favorite Hobby: Soccer is my first love, and it’s been a passion since I was 5. I’ve always loved the mental strategic side of the game and fortunately, even though my physical strength changes as I age, the mental game can continue to develop and improve.  

Favorite Vermont Escape: My partner and I were the innkeepers at Sleepy Hollow in Huntington for about a year before we bought our home. After all the time I’ve spent skiing there and walking the trails, the land (and people) are very special to me and whenever I go there, I feel renewed.

Favorite Social Media: I contribute to and interact most with Facebook, but adore the artistic qualities of Instagram. I have a lot of artists in my life who make the Instagram experience really fun.

Favorite Website: Front Porch Forum is a wonderful community asset which I rely upon and am grateful for!

Vermont Business Person you would like to have lunch with:  Mary Powell – Maybe this is cheating because I already know Mary from her time on the Vermont Land Trust board. I find her to be a beautiful mix of sincere, passionate, and effective leadership.

Career Highlights: At Vermont Works for Women, my focus is on the administration and operations of the whole organization – but every time a colleague shares a success story about one of our participants (like hearing that a formerly incarcerated woman has gotten her first “real job” with benefits, or another participant has been on the job for a year and has been promoted), I get a real charge from it. Helping women in our community work toward economic independence is a real source of pride.

Community Involvement: I’m proud to be working in the nonprofit sector, which means that my professional life really ties me to community service and involvement.  My personal life also includes a commitment to service. I’m currently serving as vice president of the Vermont Alumnae Association of Wellesley College. I was a soccer and Nordic ski coach at Champlain Valley Union High School, and have also coached soccer with Essex High School and Far Post Soccer Club. Although I’m currently on break from playing, I organized and led soccer teams (as a player-leader) for almost a decade in the Vermont Women’s Soccer League and in the Futsal Women’s League in Essex.


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