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Mark HallCareer Highlights:
NEW BREED MARKETING-Senior Strategist and Planner
Mark has been part of the strategy team at New Breed since February 2008 and has been the Senior Strategist and Planner since May 2010.  During his time at New Breed he has lead many strategic engagements with clients to recommend, plan and execute strategic campaigns. 
MARKIT OVER DINNER- senior marketing consultant
Mark has developed an innovative consulting format to help small business owners understand the four keys to marketing and how they apply to their particular business. Over the past two years, Mark has assisted small businesses in maximizing their limited marketing budget.  
Rochester Institute of Technology
Mark received his MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, E. Phillip Saunders College of Business, in 2007.  He concentrated in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  During his tenure at RIT, Mark worked as a graduate assistant and was as a contributing author won the Best Paper Award by Decision Sciences Institute MiniConference on Service Science, Carnegie Mellon University. The paper was entitled Formalizing the Service Innovation Process. 

Community Involvement:
Vermont Young Professionals-Founder and President
Mark is the Founder and President of the Vermont Young Professionals.  Formed in early 2010, VYP strives to provide social and professional networking, volunteering and professional development opportunities to young professionals across the state of Vermont.
The Kelley Marketing Group
As an active member of The Kelley Marketing Group since 2007. Mark has consulted with many non-profits make their marketing more efficient.  The Kelley Marketing Group is a collection of local marketing professionals who volunteer their marketing expertise on a monthly basis. 
United Way of Chittenden County
Mark as served on two committees with the UWCC since 2008.  He was first a member of the Next Gen Committee. This committee was formed to proved assistance to the UWCC on how to better incorporate younger generations into the mission of the UWCC.  Mark now serves on the Resource Development Committee and provides his marketing expertise for UWCC marketing initiatives.                                                                        

Favorite part of job? I am a natural born problem solver and I love being presented with a client challenge and then developing the best solution to overcome that challenge. As a result, working for an agency suites me well because we work with a wide variety of clients who all need tailored solutions.  

Most inspiring mentor? Phil Tyler- He was my professor of Advanced Marketing at the E. Phillip Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology. Going into school for my MBA, I had no idea within which area to concentrate. It was during his advanced marketing class where students were fearful going in, but thankful for the experience at the end that I had realized my passion for marketing. He was a professor who had worked in industry prior to being an academic and as a student you could tell he truly loved the career he had chosen and was excited to share that with his students. 

Who is your living hero? I am not one to idolize one person or choose a hero. But there are a few people that have been an influence along the way.  On the business acumen side of things there is Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett. On the side of personal growth and spirituality there is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Steven R. Covey. These folks and many more, have all given me inspiration in different aspects of my life. 

Favorite downtime activity? One of my favorite activities in Vermont is mountain biking, it is a sport that allows you to get off the beaten path and really experience the backwoods of Vermont.  

Favorite Vermont Escape?  My favorite Vermont escape is my family summer camp on Lake Iroquois.  Built in 1954 by my grandfather it has been a place where life slows down and one can truly enjoy what Vermont has to offer. I have spent most of my summers at that camp since being born and now that I live in Vermont full time I can enjoy it even more. 

Favorite social network? I am going to have to say Facebook.  I know it is a lame answer, but it has been a very powerful marketing tool. Facebook has been invaluable in organizing Vermont Young Professionals. We are able to schedule events, invite other young professionals in the state and really have a low cost platform to build buzz around an important initiative for our state. . 

Favorite website?  I don’t know how I found this site, but I routinely check it every few days. They say it is “a laboratory of the future human experience.” It is really just a collection of some of the most random and interesting information about changes in the world. There seems to be no really specific theme, and I think the real draw for me is that I never know what to expect every time I visit. 

Vermont Business Person you would most want to network with? No specific person, but I would like to network with Vermont’s great wealth of marketing and creative professionals.

John Boutin, VBM Publisher, Mark Hall and Governor Jim Douglas

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