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Favorite Part of Job: A highlight of my current role is helping to provide information and financial resources to Vermonters to pursue education beyond high school, which some may have never thought possible. It also helps that I am lucky enough to work among some very inspirational leaders every day. I am internally driven through passion and knowledge and these two aspects of my role at VSAC allow me to hold a meaningful and rewarding role.

Most Inspiring Mentor: I have been lucky enough to work with a few inspirational mentors; none provided me with the leadership and training opportunities and believed in me as much as my former supervisor Deborah Sheldon who passed away this summer. If it had not been for her I am not sure I would have explored and pursued other areas of interests such as running for local office and serving on a non-profit board. She touched many lives and provided many individuals such as myself with experiences and guidance that I will be forever grateful for. 

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I have fallen in love with Spartan Races and was determined to achieve my first Trifecta (completing 3 races of varying length and difficulty in one calendar year). If I could, I would do at least one Spartan Race every month.  

Favorite Vermont Escape: Power hiking throughout ski resorts and discovering/rediscovering the many outdoor activities our state has to offer with my wife and son.

Favorite downtime activity: When I'm not taking a MOOC to learn or enhance a skill I am a bit of a local political "junkie". I enjoy finding out what our local and state elected officials are debating and how they are voting.

Favorite Social Media: Facebook is my go-to because it allows for a deeper conversation than Twitter and has less self-filtering than Linkedin.  

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: I would enjoy time with current change/thought leaders such as Madeleine Kunin, Hal Colsten, Mary Powell, Hal Cohen, and Martha Maksym; as well as such deceased leaders as Ira and Ethan Allen, Thomas Chittenden, and Richard Snelling. While I'm daydreaming, my paternal grandparents and maternal grandfather passed away before becoming an adult and it would be nice to have an adult conversation with them.

What is the best career advice you have received? "Don't 'wait your turn', if you see a dream opportunity jump on it and work like hell to make it happen".  

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? In ten years I hope to continue following my dreams of helping our community members achieve their goals. Every career change I have made has been one that I felt better positioned me to make positive influences on individual’s lives throughout the community which is a trend I intend to continue.

Community Involvement:

Linking Learning to Life/Navicate - Secretary/Treasurer

Community High School of Vermont - Advisory Board Member

Leadership Champlain - Worked with the Northeast Disabled Athletic Association


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