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Favorite Part of Job? I love solving problems and in heading up our IT and Consulting departments I'm faced with new challenges every day. I'm constantly learning and helping both my company and customers directly.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My Dad was an excellent role model who taught me that being an effective leader means being a coach for my team and learning to really listen to their needs. He gave me the confidence, courage and patience to be successful.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: When I'm not elbow-deep in servers you can find me at my massage studio or teaching yoga.

Favorite Downtime Activity: I'm a huge fan of nature, which is easy to find in Vermont. Relaxation to me means camping, hiking, fishing or just taking a nice long walk with my dog.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Green River Reservoir, hands down. I mark my calendar every year for opening day so I can book 4-5 camping trips in the summer.

Favorite Social Media: Facebook and Instagram.

Favorite Website: I'm obligated to say, right? ;)

Vermont Business Person you would most want to Network with: I'm not sure if she counts as a business woman, but I'm definitely inspired by Madeleine Kunin and would love to pick her brain.

Career Highlights: I'm currently Vice President at Small Dog Electronics in charge of IT, Consulting, and Physical Security. Previously I worked directly for Apple, Inc. as a Mac Genius and Keyholder. I have an eclectic resume including 17 years of management experience from managing professional box offices, coffee shops, clothing stores and now retail electronics. I also own my own massage and yoga practice, Innovative Bodywork & Yoga in Morrisville, VT.

Community Involvement: I feel it's vital to take an active role in my community and to volunteer for the causes that are important to me. I'm an active volunteer for several organizations including, Massage Without Borders, and Salvation Farms. I give my time regularly to food pantries, community development and teaching youth. 

My own business is a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and one of the ways I keep that commitment is with a mix of donating gift certificates to silent auctions and volunteering my time doing chair massage at local charity events. It's important for me to know that even with a small part-time business I can have a positive impact on my community.


 John Boutin, Publisher of VBM, Lisa Gosselin, VT Dept. Economic Dev. and Rising Star Rebecca Kraemer.

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