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JOSHUA Terenzini

Joshua TerenziniFavorite part of my job? The satisfaction I get out of helping our customers. Customer service is my number one priority. When we get to earn a person's business I know that we have treated that customer with the respect that they deserved. Working with the public is what makes the car business all worth it.

Most inspiring mentor? My most inspiring mentor is my grandfather, Lawrence Pettit. This is a man who starting his own fiberglass pool company and factory back in the 1970's, raised a wonderful family and still works at the age of 77! My grandfather taught me the importance of hard work, honesty, integrity and loyalty. He is a true inspiration for any young business person who wants to succeed. 

Who is my living hero? My living hero is Capt. Michael Barron of the Rutland Town Fire Department. After serving our military during the Vietnam war, Micheal has dedicated his life to the fire service. He spent his career as a full time paid firefighter with the Rutland City FD. After retiring, he became a member of the Rutland Town Fire Department where he currently serves as Captain. During Capt. Barron's decades of service, he has helped thousands of people in many different capacities. Michael now works at our local elementary school with less fortunate children.    

Favorite down time activity? Boating during the summer months. 

Favorite Vermont Escape? My favorite Vermont escape is Lake Bomoseen. A combination of the beautiful water with the mountainous back drop, state park and boating makes Lake Bomoseen a great place to relax and escape!

Favorite Social Network? Facebook. 

Favorite Website?,,

Vermont Business Person you would most want to network with? Mr. Joseph Giancola, owner of several prominent businesses in Rutland County

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