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KIM Anderson

Company: Community Health Centers of Burlington
Title: Director of Development and Communications
Age: 36


Favorite Part of Job: My favorite part of my job is knowing that my work is helping to improve the health and happiness of the community. Creating access to health care for all people is so satisfying, motivating and just.


Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: Something fun that few people know about me is that I performed on Broadway at 15 years old.


Favorite Vermont Escape: My favorite Vermont escape is water skiing on Lake Champlain throughout the Champlain Islands. 


Favorite Downtime Activity: My favorite downtime activity is performing in local musical theater productions. There are so many wonderful opportunities to perform in this area, and I was lucky enough to win the “Best Actor” award in the Seven Daysies this year!


Favorite Super Hero: My favorite Super Hero (although not an official one) is Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord from the TV show “Madam Secretary.”  She saves the world and has incredible pantsuits. 


If you had unlimited access to funds, which causes would you support: If I had unlimited access to funds, I would support every pet adoption organization to make sure all animals had a safe and loving home.


What motivated you to live and work in Vermont: I was motivated to live and work in Vermont because it’s safe, beautiful and committed to progress and equality. Because we’re a small state, we can accomplish a lot.


Career Highlights: A career highlight for me would have to be completing the Capital Campaign for the new CHCB Riverside Avenue building. Working with individual and corporate donors to meet our fundraising goal was inspiring. Over 400 new patients came into the building every month for almost two years straight; it was then that I knew the depth of community need and knew that we were absolutely meeting it.


Community Involvement: My community involvement ranges from sitting on committees for the Opioid Alliance and Medical Center Health Needs Assessment, to hosting non-profit events for the Humane Society, VT Foundation of Recovery and Strut fashion show. I like combining my interests in performing while furthering the missions of these great community organizations. My community involvement is even taking flight as I’m now the “Voice of BTV International Airport,” heard throughout the overhead recordings. 


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