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DAN Osman


Favorite Part of Job? Summer camp is a special place that can be life changing for our campers and staff. I think the idea of instilling success in people is really important and allows them to see their full potential. Being able to offer that to those who attend Camp Daybreak and Camp Thorpe is really powerful. I am extremely lucky in that I love my job, the people that I work with, and the work that we are doing. Like many people who have attended Camp Daybreak, the experience changed my life.

Most Inspiring Mentor: I have the pleasure of working with a tremendous group of staff and volunteers who constantly bring a new perspective and energy to our camp programs. I am always inspired by these hardworking young people and our campers. Their dedication and the relationships that they build with our campers is truly what makes camp such a powerful place.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: My wife and I met at Camp Daybreak when we were in high school. Now almost 20 years later, we have an adorable three year old named Emma.

Favorite Hobby: I like playing disc golf at the course in Waterbury. It's great to be outside and in the woods with friends.

Favorite Vermont Escape: My family and I go to Jay Peak. We all love The Pump House, especially my 3 year old! I also love our camp in Goshen!

Favorite Social Media: I really enjoy Twitter. Through our camp accounts (@campdaybreak and @campthorpe) I get the opportunity to interact with local businesses, celebrities, and supporters.

Favorite Website: because I designed it but also because it shows visitors all of the wonderful things that camp has to offer.

Vermont Business Person you would like to have lunch with:  Ben & Jerry have always been local figures that I have admired. Not only did they grow a tremendously successful business but they now used that success to advocate on national and global issues.

Career Highlights: After graduating from Skidmore College with a degree in Elementary Education I moved back to Vermont. I began teaching at a small school called Centerpoint School through HowardCenter as their performing arts instructor. I taught there for 8 years. All of this time I had been working part time as the Director of Camp Daybreak. It became clear that the only way to enhance the services of the program was to evolve the Director's role into a full time position. I am the only full time Director of Camp Daybreak and am very proud of that distinction. But truly, our stories of success come from the campers. Many of the campers who attend Camp Daybreak and Camp Thorpe are unable to attend traditional summer camp experiences because their individual needs are so high. Everyone should be able to attend summer camp and I feel fortunate to be able to offer that opportunity.

Community Involvement: For almost 20 years I have been involved in Camp Daybreak. Camp Daybreak provides a residential summer experience to Vermont kids with a range of social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Each camper is paired with a one on one volunteer to ensure that each child who attends gets the support they need. For many years I was a volunteer and have been the Director of the program for the last 9. Now as Director, I am responsible for marketing, fundraising, hiring of staff, recruitment of volunteers, admission of campers, and overseeing the program at large. Every aspect of our work is to continue to develop the program so that it provides the best experience possible for our campers. It is a program that has given so much to so many.

Because of my work at Camp Daybreak, I was approached by Camp Thorpe to manage their programming as well. Camp Thorpe serves kids and adults from all over the country with a range of developmental and physical needs. I am entering my third year as Director with Camp Thorpe. Between Camp Daybreak and Camp Thorpe we served 300 campers between the ages of 8 and 80 in the summer of 2014. Being to be a part of two wonderful communities is my favorite part of the work that I do.

My wife and I also coach my daughter's toddler soccer team in Milton.


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