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DANIELLE Bombardier


Favorite Part of Job? The ever-changing nature of construction - different job sites, different materials, different job scope, new technologies, the opportunity to learn something new every day. Being active and using tools to create something tangible and useful that remains after I leave the job.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I worked as an Au Pair in Austria for a year and traveled throughout Europe and the Balkans.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Driving across the sandbar to the Champlain Islands tends to bring me a sense of peace and calm.

Favorite Downtime Activity: Nature walks and gardening.

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: All my friends who are near and far!
What is the best career advice you have received? Keep learning.

Caree Highlightsr: Deciding to join the IBEW. Apprentice of the year award upon completion of the 5-year apprenticeship program. Becoming an instructor. Collaborating with the Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories to install the Regional Test Center in Williston (solar testing site).
Receiving my electrical license.

Community Involvement: Since moving back to Vermont, I have been actively involved in the community in many ways. I served as an AmeriCorps member for 2 years in Burlington focusing on homelessness prevention. I have mentored with Casey Family Services and volunteered at the Peace and Justice Center and Vermont Workers Center. I have worked with Vermont Works for Women developing workshops and attending high schools to talk to other women and girls who are interested in the trades. I have participated in the "women's build" hosted by Habitat for Humanity and cooked meals at the Ronald McDonald house.
I also serve on the board of my daughters preschool and volunteer my time to raise money for her school programs.



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