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KYLER Turnbull


Favorite Part of Job? In my position at Sugarbush Resort, I am incredibly fortunate to have an abundance of creative flexibility. I am often encouraged to explore new ideas and projects that I am passionate about. At Sugarbush, I have the unique privilege of marketing a resort experience and community that I get to live everyday.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My most influential mentor is my mother. From a very young age, she has taught me the importance of hard work through integrity and perseverance. She has supported me through every chapter of my life and I am extremely blessed to have such an encouraging cheerleader, who always leads by example.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I absolutely love musicals. If I could do anything once, I would star in a Broadway show. Want to hear a show tune? Just ask me!

Favorite Downtime Activity: Hiking or running to the top of a mountain. Nothing makes you feel more accomplished then seeing the views from the highest peaks in Vermont or my home state of Colorado.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Sugarbush Resort of course! The Mad River Valley is such an extraordinary place that combines unparalleled natural beauty with strength in community. The environment and experience of Sugarbush is so special and unique.

Favorite Social Media: I enjoy LinkedIn because I am able to connect with other professionals and communicate my skills or experience. This social platform is the ultimate networking opportunity.

Favorite Website: My favorite website is YouTube. You can learn to do anything and everything through online tutorials and then share them on any social platform. YouTube even has its own brand of powerful celebrities with a very vocal and influential fan base. In today’s technology culture, YouTube is expanding and evolving with every new direction of digital communications.

Vermont Business Person you would most want to Network with: Bill Carter, Brett Smith and Issa Sawabini or the other leadership professionals at Fuse Marketing. I admire their continued success in youth brand strategy and development. As an action sports professional, I would significantly benefit from connecting and learning from this group.

Career Highlights: I view my career as a lifestyle. It is my biggest passion and I put everything I am to into my professional projects. My career success began early when I was selected for very competitive internships with Denver Botanic Gardens and Denver Mayor’s Office. I continued to prove myself in the Denver leadership community as the Events and Marketing Assistant for the Denver Athletic Club. When I was invited to lead the public events team at Sugarbush, I happily moved to Vermont. In two years I have received a promotion and grown my team to include two other members. I now manage integrated marketing projects, sponsorship activations, partnerships, brand strategy initiatives and direct marketing campaigns. I also was selected to serve as the Advertising Director for the Sugarbush Magazine. I effectively recruit, build and maintain client relationships. In my first year selling advertising, I more than doubled projected revenue goals and sustained my success by increasing sales by 50% in 2013. I continue to prove my advanced project management skills on a daily basis. Mostly importantly, throughout my career I have demonstrated my talents for communicating action sport brands through a unique and memorial consumer experience. Having the honor of being selected at a 2013 Rising Star by Vermont Business Magazine has furthered my motivation to succeed within Vermont business community and has inspired me to continue to grow professionally.

Community Involvement: Serving and supporting my community has always been a privilege and priority in my life. Establishing this foundation at a young age has helped me learn both personally and professionally. As a brand strategy professional, being active within the products, brands and communities that I advertise causes my marketing initiatives to be increasingly successful and my job fulfilling. My accomplishments in resort industry are a result of my ability to market the extraordinary lifestyle that I live and enjoy everyday in the Mad River Valley. In position at Sugarbush, I work with a variety of nonprofits and schools to help them produce successful events, predominantly fundraisers. I serve as a catalyst to successful partnerships between community organizations and Sugarbush Resort. 

Outside of my position at Sugarbush, I sit on the Board of Directors for the Vermont Festival of the Arts and I volunteer for numerous community events such as the Mad Marathon. I am a member of the community softball league, the Catholic Church, sorority alumni associations and many other organizations. I am also seeking a master degree beginning next spring in order to become an even greater asset to my community.


 John Boutin, Publisher of VBM, Lisa Gosselin, VT Dept. Economic Dev. and Rising Star Kyler Turnbull.

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