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JOSH Hanford


Favorite Part of Job? I believe in the ideal of good government. Government exists for many reasons and serves an important purpose. I enjoy trying to make it work better.

Most Inspiring Mentor: As a new AmeriCorps Member, working for the North Country Resource Conservation & Development Council, I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best- Rick DeMark. He was Federal employee, but served more as an executive director of this quasi-government nonprofit organization. He was a former PeaceCorps member and taught me a lot about working with people and communities.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: Like a kid on Christmas Eve…I can’t sleep during a snow storm…I’m too excited.

Favorite Downtime Activity: Definitely flyfishing…

Favorite Vermont Escape: Jay Peak in the winter and Branbury State Park in the summer.

Favorite Social Media: Facebook...although I rarely check or post. Call me wierd, but I still just call or text my close friends and family.

Favorite Website: for the snow report

Vermont Business Person you would most want to Network with: The owners of the Alchemist Brewery-John & Jen Kimmich....Heady I need to say more.

Career Highlights: Getting a chance to see how the Vermont Community Development Program has helped a community, a business or an organization. Knowing that smart, targeted, Community Development investments are making a difference everyday all over this wonderful little state makes it rewarding work.

Community Involvement: My most recent community involvement is helping to start the Rochester Area Sports Trails Alliance (RASTA). We have an amazing little community and some very “interesting"....code for challenging and steep share with folks. Sustainable, multiple use trails networks support healthy lifestyles and economic vibrancy in our rural communities…..check us out on


 John Boutin, Rising Star Josh Hanford and Publisher of VBM, Lisa Gosselin, VT Dept. Economic Dev.

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