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NANCY Brooks


Favorite Part of Job? I find great satisfaction in working with smart and passionate people who happen to be overwhelmed by the prospect of marketing, because that’s not a circle they travel in -- and being able to offer suggestions and strategies that make them feel empowered and allow them to be successful.

Most Inspiring Mentor: I have to give credit to two people who showed me the value of caring about others. My mom always took great personal joy from making other people feel good, and I’ve had the same experience in my own life. Then, when I worked for Lt. Governor Phil Scott, I saw how a leader can achieve meaningful results with empathy as a guiding principle.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I know every line from the movie “Airplane!”. (Yes, I’m serious….and don’t call me Shirley.)  

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy nature and landscape photography, and capturing unique perspectives on everyday things.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Stopping for a maple creemee on the way home from work in the summer.

Favorite Social Media: A cup of coffee. Connecting in person is much better than online!

Favorite Website: I do check Facebook often – it puts your personal world in context.

Vermont Business Person you would like to have lunch with:  Kristin Carlson. I’ve only chatted with her briefly in the State House and would like to get to know her better – and since my husband and I had our first baby this fall, I would also welcome any wisdom she could share about balancing a career and raising a child!

Career Highlights: I began my career in Washington, DC, in the Congressional office of Rep. Charlie Bass from New Hampshire. I got my start in marketing when I moved to Vermont in 2001, first as an ad agency copywriter, then as Marketing Director for Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel. In 2007, I started my own marketing consulting firm, where I continued to work for Lenny’s, several other Vermont businesses, and a number of Vermont legislative candidates. In 2010, I handled the marketing and communications for Phil Scott on his first campaign for Lt. Governor, and after he was elected, I went to work in his State House office as his Chief of Staff. In 2013, I was offered an incredible opportunity to work for the state as a whole as Chief Marketing Officer, and every day since then has been an amazing learning experience.

Community Involvement: I’ve always been interested in politics and have worked in a behind-the-scenes capacity for a number of elected officials. Running for office myself had been something I’d often thought about doing “someday” (when I was older and had more experience). But in 2009, when a seat opened up on the Berlin Selectboard and no one put their name on the ballot, I decided to run a write-in campaign for the position, and I served for three years before moving out of town in late 2011. 

While serving on a local board is a huge time commitment, it was also very rewarding and an amazing personal growth opportunity. I enjoyed being part of a group where each individual brings unique talents and viewpoints to the discussion, and the team as a whole can leverage those talents to the benefit of their neighbors.


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