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RYAN Christiansen


Favorite Part of Job: Growing the team. We have an unbelievably talented group of people who make up the Caledonia Spirits team. I'm fascinated by the evolution of this team throughout our growth, and how each person shifts roles to benefit the common goal. 

Most Inspiring Mentor: If I must pick one to highlight, I'll go with Chip Tate. He's a brilliant craftsmen, entrepreneur, and one of the best distillers in the world. Over the past few years, he's become a great friend of mine. Chip and I are currently designing stills for our upcoming expansion. 

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: In my childhood, I was certain that I'd grow up to play in the NBA. Although I came up short on my dream, I do play in a men's basketball league based in Chelsea, which is mostly dominated by bearded men over 40.  

Favorite Vermont Escape: I enjoy exploring lakes and ponds of VT. Lake Willoughby is my favorite.

Favorite downtime activity: Lately it's been taking my two year old daughter to the playground. As she says "if you want to be happy, go down a slide." I also several other outdoor activities. 

Person you would like to share a Vermont
beverage with:
Bernie Sanders

Community Involvement:

In 4 years the company released 4 successful products, and expanded distribution to 18 U.S. states, and 4 international markets. Revenues have surpassed 100% growth for 3 consecutive years, and We proudly employ 13 full time and 12-15 part time positions. The company has a positive influence on the community, support of local business and farms, and opportunity for craftsmanship. 

Basketball Coach–Twinfield Union School.

-Teaching youth basic fundamentals of basketball, as well as leadership and teamwork skills.

Team Captain-Central Vermont Men’s Basketball League, Chelsea, VT

-Management of team on and off floor, including manager of sponsor relationships, schedule, financial management, and team communications.

-2010 C-Division Champions, 2011 C-Division Champions, 2013 B-Division Runner-up, 2014 B-Division Runner-up


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