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Favorite Part of Job? I am routinely inspired by the stories of the people and families that VNA cares for in Vermont. I enjoy seeing more people able to live well at home and by getting the health care they need, when and where they need it.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My most inspiring mentor(s) are my Mom and Dad. Two people who showed me how to be my best by believing anything is possible and putting themselves second to give me every advantage.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: Something few people know is that I am distantly related to Joe Torre and am an avid Yankees Fan. My grandfather Torre was a US postman from Brooklyn and I loved listening to his stories about the city.

Favorite Downtime Activity: When my work is done and my family is taken care of, I love to go for a run on a sunny day. My favorite route is Cochran Road in Richmond.

Favorite Vermont Escape:
My favorite place to escape to in Vermont is Tall Timbers Cottage at Half Moon Pond State Park. My family and I are off the grid for a week and in search of woodland treasures and big bass!

Favorite Social Media: I try to limit social media and instead just be social. But when I am not able to be with the people I think and care about most, I go to Facebook.

Favorite Website: The website I find most useful and I visit most often is It always gets me to where I want to go.

Vermont Business Person you would most want to Network with: I admire Bill Stenger for his incredible vision and ability to put a plan in place to make it happen.

Career Highlights: The longest hours I ever put in was during the implementation of the Medicare Part D plans at MEDCO in 2005. That project taught me how to make progress in a highly uncertain environment with constantly changing rules. 
The hardest job I loved was the CMO for the State of Vermont. As a third generation Vermonter, I wanted to play a role in making VT a place where ideas can continue to thrive and take root. Working in State government taught me that consensus is nice, but not necessary - work with the willing and if you are doing a good job, the rest will follow.

Community Involvement: When you live in Vermont it is easy to find ways to be part of your community - it is all around you. I particularly enjoy hands-on work that lets me share knowledge or even hard labor that makes an improvement in other peoples' lives. 
Being on the Board of the Vermont Chapter of the Red Cross (Disaster Services) was a rewarding and eye-opening experience to see first hand how Vermonters take care of each other. 
Now, serving on the Fanny Allen Corporation Board, we help continue the mission of serving the community through direct financial support of local programs. I am thankful my two boys get to live in a place where involvement in community is so natural and accessible for all.


 John Boutin, Publisher of VBM, Lisa Gosselin, VT Dept. Economic Dev. and Rising Star Christine Werneke.

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