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MARC Aquila


Favorite Part of Job: RSG is a very supportive environment. I can try new ideas to see if they work, and bring ideas from my previous careers to help our team be successful.  I’m also lucky enough to be part of a team that makes each other look good, plays off each other’s strengths and has fun doing it.

Most Inspiring Mentor: I’ve been influenced by many people throughout my career; my parents, my uncle Paul and uncle Billy, my brother Bill, Harvey Reed at C-bridge and Dave Plaster, Eliav Ashkenazy and Stacey Litchfield at John Deere.  One person who probably doesn’t know her role in my career is Susan Glancy. She was one of my colleagues when I worked at Columbia University and helped me understand that I could be more successful if I modified my problem solving approach to the situation instead of, well, being stubborn.  Not only has that saved me a ton of stress but it is a key part of how I interact with people today.  

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: One of my dream jobs growing up was to be an astronaut and I wrote my college essays on the topic.  My dad got me a telescope last year for Christmas!

Favorite Hobby: My newest favorite hobbies are beekeeping and brewing beer.  I’ve been amazed by everything I’ve learned about what goes on in a honey bee colony.  I also started brewing with some co-workers last winter and while I haven’t gotten a batch out in a couple months, I plan to combine the two hobbies and make mead soon.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Brandon, VT visiting the Berry’s (my aunt, uncle and cousins) with my wife, daughter and soon daughter #2!

Favorite Social Media: I’m not very active on social media, but I do enjoy Instagram - I get my space fix by following NASA since I don’t see that astronaut job happening anytime soon.

Favorite Website: On my laptop I usually have a browser window open to CNN and ESPN to check news and sports.  My phone usually has the Weather Underground app open.

Vermont Business Person you would most want to Network with: I’d like to meet Lawrence Miller.  He started a brewery, grew it from a one-person operation to regional success, and has transitioned to a public sector role helping shape the future business environment in VT.  I’m sure I could learn a thing or two from him over lunch and I would like to make similar contributions to Vermont’s future.

Career Highlights: Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in several different industries; consulting, finance, education, manufacturing.  I’ve also lived and worked in many different parts of the US and traveled internationally.  Across all of those experiences, one thing I’m especially thankful for was the opportunity to be trained as an executive coach while at John Deere.  It gave me the perspective of how other people look at problems and the opportunity to help them achieve their goals.

Community Involvement: Currently my focus is on leading RSG’s stewardship efforts across the company.  Over the past two years I have worked with a team of co-workers to allocate a portion of RSG’s profits to charities in each of our local communities; here in White River Junction, in Burlington, and in our offices outside Vermont.  This past summer I took on leadership of our corporate stewardship committee.  Externally we focus our volunteering and philanthropy by packing food at the VT Foodbank, helping at the Upper Valley Haven, supporting COTS, clearing trails, and running, riding, walking etc. in support of many charities in VT and around the US.  Internally we try to raise awareness on topics of energy and waste reduction.


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