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Company: Heritage Family Credit Union
Title: AVP Marketing
Age: 29

Favorite Part of Job? Not only do I have the opportunity to be creative and do what I love every day, but I am supporting the efforts that are making a difference in the financial lives of our members. I’ve found an industry and organization that allows me to make an impact in my community and encourages me to grow each day.  

Most Inspiring Mentor: I’ve been surrounded by some of the strongest and smartest women throughout my career who have helped push me to be my best, most creative self. Thank you to Laura Vien, Polly Lynn Mikula, Sara DeLance and Carrie Allen who continually inspire me.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I rowed crew in college and we had to run 3 miles to the boathouse for practice every day. I fell in love with running so quit crew my sophomore year and started training for races instead!

Favorite Vermont Escape: An early morning run either on Dorr Drive towards North Clarendon or out to West Rutland on old Route 4 then past the Carving Studio on Marble Street.

Favorite Downtime Activity: Running road races which takes us to new places where we find amazing food and local brews.

Favorite Social Media: Instagram since I’m a visual person and it is centered around storytelling. There is also a huge running community on Instagram that I’ve connected with who are encouraging and keep me accountable too.

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: I'd share an It's Complicated Being a Wizard with any host on VPR or NPR.

What is the best career advice you have received? My mom instilled in us that we should love the work we do, it should be our passion and it should be something we are proud of.

What motivated you to live and work in Vermont? We came to Vermont 7 years ago for my husband's job but we've stayed for the lifestyle. We never imagined we'd stay past 2 years but now we can't imagine raising our family anywhere else. We've also stayed because of the amazing beer, we're too spoiled to drink anything else!

Career Highlights: When I first moved to Vermont I only hoped to get a job in my field. I landed at RAVNAH where I co-developed and designed the state wide Start the Conversation program that is still utilized by the VNA's of Vermont today. I then moved on to The Mountain Times where I was a graphic designer and then Creative Director. Working there was like working with family and to say I grew as a graphic designer would be an understatement as I designed and helped produce the weekly paper and yearly magazine. Most recently at Heritage Family Credit Union I was honored by CUNA with a diamond award for our marketing efforts. My career at Heritage Family allows me to be involved with the community on a more meaningful level and has pushed me to develop professionally beyond what I thought possible.

Community Involvement: Friends of Pediatric Services at VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region, Committee Member - plan and execute Dancing with the Rutland Stars.
Downtown Rutland Partnership, Board Member and Marketing Chair.
Credit Union Young Professionals of Vermont, Co-Founder & Board Member.
HFCU Young Professionals, Co-chair.
Rutland Region Marketing Campaign, Expert Brand Ambassador.
YP Summit of Vermont 2017, Planning Committee Member.
RYP Let's Dish, Volunteer Ambassador.
RYP, Marketing Committee Member.
It's a Vermont Life Blog and Instagram:



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