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THOMAS Moffitt


Favorite Part of Job? Working with passionate people, getting people excited about what we are doing, and making great products!

Most Inspiring Mentor: A former boss, Chris Strong- He taught me to understand what you can change, what you can't, and how to keep everything in perspective. He made me understand you only live once, and need to make the most of it by not being afraid to take appropriate risks.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: In college, I used to compete internationally on the "Woodman's Team". We threw axes, sawed logs and chopped down trees. I could cut down a fullly grown tree with an axe in about 45 seconds.

Favorite Downtime Activity: Playing just about any sport with my kids.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Hiking pretty much anywhere, in particular, I enjoy a quick hike up Wantastiquet Mountain near Brattleboro.

Favorite Social Media: Do not have much time for social media, so unfortunately, do not utilize this enough.

Favorite Website: I visit and npr. org often. Being so busy, I find this the best way to stay on top of what is happening around the world and outside of my business.

Vermont Business Person you would most want to Network with: Ben and/or Jerry (of Ben & Jerry's fame). They built a phenomonally successful business upon principles, and a great differentiated brand premise.

Career Highlights: Having spent all of my professional life in the food manufacturing and retail business segments, you garner a lot of admiration for certain companies. I was flattered when I was in a position to become a supplier to some of- what I considered- "best in class" retailers with their brand of yogurt. Retailers like Wegman's and Costco, who I consider at the top of the game when it comes to product quality and what that means to their customers.

Community Involvement: As a local dairy company, we are heavily involved in supporting the local dairy community, and participate in a number of dairy and farming related events throughout Vermont and the Northeast. I particularly enjoy our involvement in the annual Strolling of the Heifers event, and the annual business plan competition that is a part of this.



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