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DYLAN Giambatista


Company: State of Vermont
Title: Representative
Age: 31

Favorite Part of Job? I love getting out into Vermont's communities to learn about folks' ideas, ambitions and interests.

Most Inspiring Mentor: Professor and longtime State Senator Bill Doyle is one mentor who continues to inspire me. Bill is always out and about, engaging his students and neighbors in Vermont's government processes. His many contributions to Vermont's civic culture are immeasurable.

Favorite Downtime Activity: I'm lucky to be married to someone who loves reading as much as I do. My genre of choice is American history, with a particular interest in the 19th century.

Favorite Social Media: Twitter gives us all we need without needlessly consuming our time.

What is the best career advice you have received? Always show up.

What motivated you to live and work in Vermont? I was fortunate to grow up in Rutland County and have lived around Vermont my entire life. What keeps me in the Green Mountains is the quality of life afforded by our natural environment and close proximity to nature -- it's remarkable.

Career Highlights: The highlights of my career have been marked by the people I've worked with. I always wanted a job where my efforts were focused on helping Vermonters achieve success. Public policy was a natural fit. I go to the office everyday excited for the opportunity to work with, and learn from, Vermonters.

Community Involvement: I am privileged to serve in the Vermont House or Representatives, representing the Village of Essex Junction. I learn a great deal from my community and by working with colleagues from across the state. As many have observed, Vermont’s citizen legislature is a unique governing model. We come from all walks of life. It is a lively and dynamic process that brings something new every day.
Outside of my legislative role, I stay active in community activities and boards. I am member of the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition Board of Directors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the financial literacy of Vermont youth by providing advocacy, information, and educational resources. At the local level, I serve as a Justice of the Peace and act as a member of Essex’s Board of Civil Authority.



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