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DAVID Gurtman


Favorite Part of Job: As an attorney representing businesses, I most enjoy learning about my client’s future opportunities and present challenges.  It is something new everyday. If it wasn’t new and different, I wouldn’t be able to keep doing it.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My law partner Brian Murphy does it all. He’s a seasoned and accomplished attorney and former accountant, insanely responsive and puts extra effort into fostering the next generation of attorneys. I would not be where I am today without his guidance and leadership. 

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I biked from Madrid to Rome with four friends to raise awareness for international human rights.  

Favorite Vermont Escape: That is an easy one, Burton Island. Our state parks are hidden gems and this one is especially unique because it is car-free.

Favorite downtime activity: Lately, it has been fishing on Lake Champlain with my six year old. Whenever you are fishing, you are in a beautiful place and with people you care about. 

Favorite Social Media: I’m a social media omnivore, facebook, instagram, twitter, notabli, ello.  

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: I actually represent a number of Vermont beverage purveyors (beer, cider, spirits) so the beverage would be hard to choose but if I had to it would be a Citizen Cider Wit’s Up with Elon Musk. Musk is at the intersection of a lot of my present interests: renewables, technology and transportation.

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? In ten years, I’d imagine that my partners and I have the go-to Vermont firm for complex business transactions and “bet the company” litigation.  When asked by attorneys in other cities about my practice, I have to admit that it is true to all things that define Vermont and I’d like it to continue to grow in that direction. My clients come from a diverse set of industries including renewable energy, craft beer, cider and distilling, maple production, hospitality, technology and manufacturing.

Community Involvement:

Burlington Planning Commission

-Worked on a proposal to evaluate building heights in Burlington’s central business district. 

HowardCenter’s Community Friends program - youth mentor

CarShare Vermont, board member and Vice-Chair

-Increase mobility access to low income residents as well as to increase users of the car sharing service to provide sustainable alternatives to car ownership. 

Chittenden County Bar Association, member of the board and treasurer. 

-Organize bench/bar meetings and continuing education

-Served on a subcommittee of the Vermont Bar Associations’ Business Section which drafted a new Limited Liability Company Act. Was successful in having the bill passed.

Leadership Champlain, board member

-Assisted in planning a program day focused on the criminal justice system, and on the planning committee for the legislative and energy days. 

Expanded Learning Opportunities Working Group, member

-Tasked by the legislature with establishing a fund that will support after school and summer programs throughout Vermont with an emphasis on underserved areas of the state. Provide pro-bono legal services to the Dream Program and CarShare Vermont.


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