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Company: WrightJones
Title: Attorney
Age: 34


Favorite Part of Job: The world of HR can be scary, so my favorite part of the job is working with HR leaders to provide the guidance they need to exhale and make focused and intentional organizational decisions. 

What song on your playlist are you ashamed to tell your best friend: There is so much Taylor Swift in there. 

Favorite Vermont Escape: I love taking a day hike up any of Vermont’s beautiful mountains to enjoy the views from the top. 

Favorite Downtime Activity: Knitting or reading by the fireplace.


What else would you like to accomplish in the next 5-10 years: A good friend and I have set a goal of hiking the highest mountain in each state together.  I look forward to us making some solid progress on that in the next decade. 

What motivated you to live and work in Vermont: Vermont provides the perfect balance between maintaining a fulfilling career while still having a great social and personal life.  


Career Highlights: Starting our own law firm was a great “sink or swim” moment professionally.  I am delighted that we have succeeded in chasing the original vision while not being afraid to run our business in a non-traditional manner.


Community Involvement: I am honored to serve on the Boards for several Vermont businesses and organizations.  It provides great perspective into the variety of leadership styles and personalities making their marks on the Vermont business community. 


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