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COREY Parent

Company: Hickok & Boardman Insurance
Title: Client Advisor
Age: 28


Favorite Part of Job: I’m fortunate to be able to help some of Vermont’s most impressive business and entrepreneurial leaders meet their insurance and risk management needs.  Visiting these businesses and learning about what they do always impresses me. It’s fun seeing all the great products Vermonters make. 


Favorite Vermont Escape: Woods Island.  Growing up my parents and I went there almost every weekend in the summer.  It was a great place to swim, hike and relax. 


Favorite Downtime Activity: I haven’t had a lot of downtime lately but I enjoy playing with my five-year-old Golden Retriever Charlie and watching my four-month-old son Liam grow so fast.


Favorite Super Hero: I’d say Batman is my favorite Super Hero - ultimately because he doesn’t have to be but chooses to be.


Favorite Social Media: It depends.  I enjoy twitter for following sports and news - but ultimately, I think Instagram would be favorite at this point. 


Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: My grandfather.  He passed away when I was little and I’ve heard nothing but amazing stories about him.  My wife and I named our first son born this summer after him. 


What motivated you to live and work in Vermont: I grew up in Franklin County.  My wife grew up here as well.  This has always been home to us and where we wanted to build our lives and raise a family. 


Career Highlights: I’ve been fortunate in my short professional career to do so many things, whether it is in the legislature or at Hickok & Boardman.  I’m not sure I could point to one thing that is specific highlight.  There are pieces of legislation I’m proud to have helped work on from the first time home-buyer assistance program to limiting the number of opiates being prescribed.  I’m also very proud of a lot the work I’ve done at Hickok & Boardman – helping businesses take control and better manage their risk management program.  My overall highlight is that I have been able to work for the people of my hometown in the Legislature and work for a fantastic Vermont owned company that has allowed us the ability to call Vermont home. 


Community Involvement: For the past four years I have served my hometown in the Vermont House of Representatives.  My first two years on the Commerce and Economic Development Committee and the last two as Ranking Member of the Energy and Technology Committee.  Besides serving in the State Legislature, I am on the board of directors for the Samaritan House in St. Albans and the Franklin County Home Health Agency.  I am finishing up my time as Treasurer of the St. Albans Amateur Skating Association where I have coached youth hockey and I coached youth football in St. Albans for a number of years. 


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