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Oliver LevisThe Shires of Vermont © Lee Krohn, 2008


Career Highlights:
I moved back to VT in 2004 and started farming my family's land soon thereafter. gradually took on more markets and grew the CSA. started baking artisan bread in 2009. built huge spanish brick oven this summer.

Community Involvement:
Being involved with all the local farmers markets has fostered relationships with so many in our community. the people in our csa are our neighbors and friends and we have found enormous fulfillment with our role in the local food system.

Favorite part of job?
Feeding people fresh local healthy food.

Most inspiring mentor
Bill Mckibben

Who is your living hero
My Father

Favorite downtime activity?
Being outdoors with my family and playing practical Jokes

Favorite Vermont Escape?
Harmon's mint in rupert

Favorite social network?
Vermont vegetable growers list

Favorite website?

Vermont Business Person you would most want to network with?
Pete Johnson from Pete's Greens

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