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ANNA Rosenblum Palmer

Anna Rosenblum PalmerCareer Highlights:

Owner Operator The Waiting Room

Top Ten Parenting App 

Investor in 25+ local start ups

Community Involvement:

The Clothes Exchange Board Member

South End Arts and Business Association Board Member

Fleming Museum Board Member
Shelburne Development Review Board

Favorite part of job? Answering to no one. Working when I want on what I want. Helping people turn ideas into outcomes.

Most inspiring mentor? My father. Though a high school drop out he managed to resurrect a long forgotten Asian art form, creating a market for it in the West, and eventually gifting pieces to the Metropolitan and other Museums. Now I continue his work returning some of the most important pieces to China. He trusted his own way of seeing, asked a ton of questions, and kept trying to communicate what he believed until many many others bought into his vision.

Who is your living hero? Bill Belichick. Almost my opposite in his ability to stick to a script, leave the past behind him and focus on a singular goal I still find him most inspirational. He is completely upfront about the business side of the Patriots, and every player knows what he expects. Focused, Upfront with the people who matter, and able to block out the noise of the rest of the world to help his team achieve at their highest level. Plus the Patriots came out of the tunnel as a team instead of individuals. Thats cool.

Favorite downtime activity? Hours and hours of television. Tivo thinks I am a 14 year old girl.

Favorite Vermont Escape? Shelburne Farms. Hiking, walking, milking, boating, swimming, harvesting, and milking. PLUS architecture, landscape, local food and birds of prey. 

Favorite social network? 

Favorite website?

Vermont Business Person you would most want to network with? 
Nicole Ravelin, PMG

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