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Favorite Part of Job? My favorite part of my job is my ability to impact Vermonters' energy efficient choices.  Vermont is a national leader in energy efficiency and my role is to continue to drive manufacturers and retailers to create even higher performing options and then, bring home the benefit locally. I love seeing these advancements happen and collaborating with these valuable partners to transform the market.

Most Inspiring Mentor: I have had many inspiring mentors over the years, but the most influential mentor is Tim Palmer.  Tim is patience and inspiration, encouragement and trust - a stalwart investor in all who wish to grow and be more.  I have seen my leadership skills deepen, my ability to inspire and encourage others grow, and my confidence in taking necessary challenges head-on develop; Tim is a true once-in-a-lifetime gift to those who work with him.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: Every summer in high school, I traveled out to Wyoming to wrangle horses on a ranch near Yellowstone.  The work was hard, 5am to 8pmevery day of the week, but the rewards were amazing views, wonderful people, and going to bed exhausted having completed a FULL day's work.

Favorite Hobby: My favorite hobby is scuba diving.  I don't go very often, but I love the feeling of exploring another world and the visual wonder of being surrounded by marine life of all sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Green River Reservoir is a spectacular getaway.  The quiet and peacefulness of canoeing to your campsite and listening to the loons over the water is a true escape.

Favorite Social Media: I am not too tied to social media but I do enjoy seeing images from family and friends on Instagram.

Favorite Website: I guess it would be Etsy for the amount of creativity.  Etsy also supports individuals in creating a business for their artistic expression.

Vermont Business Person you would like to have lunch with:  I would like to have lunch with Green Mountain Power's Mary Powell.  She has made distinct impacts on the energy sector in Vermont and has implemented some transformative visions in the industry.

Career Highlights: I have had many highlights in my career, many moments when I have been proud to be on a team and make beneficial changes.  Last year, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded the team that I manage, the Efficiency Vermont Efficient Products Team, with the Partner of the Year award.  This award is a huge honor, but most importantly, it was great recognition of the incredible hard work that the team does every day striving to save energy and money for all Vermonters.  Another highlight is just coming into work every day. While the days are long and busy, each is filled with so many elements of reward: talking to a customer on the phone and helping them find products, designing a program that better suits our local retail partners as well as supports the national chains, giving feedback to a manufacturer to ensure that efficiency means quality performance not compromise, or making sure that programs are as effective as possible to make the best use of ratepayer dollars.  These many facets are rewarding as they drive me make the program better and more impactful.

Community Involvement: I am committed to my community and being an active member both locally and statewide.  One of the programs that I manage is Efficiency Vermont's partnership with the Vermont Foodbank which aims to reduce a households' energy burden to free up money for food and other necessities. Because of this program, I wanted to get more involved with their clients to fully understand their needs and better support them.  This involvement has turned into volunteering every month for over a year giving food to income-eligible seniors.  

Volunteering allows me to get to know my neighbors and help folks who need extra food.  I have learned so much about hunger in the state and how it impacts all of us.  And those who suffer the most silently are usually our seniors and children. This involvement has helped me understand and give back to my community as well as more effectively implement the statewide program.


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