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FAUNA Hurley


Favorite Part of Job? Part of RW's mission is to enhances the social and economic vitality of downtown Waterbury so what better way to do that than to shop, eat and socialize? I call it "research."  Business owners and locals have a tremendous amount of love and commitment to Waterbury and working with volunteers who care deeply is very rewarding.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My parents are academics (biologists) and have always encouraged me to be active in my community, continue to learn, ask questions and be an engaged citizen. They taught me that the best way to show gratitude for the life I was given was to give back to my community.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I was a Girl Scout until my senior year of high school. I think growing up in Oklahoma had something to do with that.

Favorite Hobby: I love cooking - burritos and frittatas are my specialty. Running and practicing yoga (when I have time) and enjoying my friends. I am grateful to have so many interesting and genuine people in my life and I enjoy being around them.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Everyday I get to escape the Burlington bubble for this wonderful place called Waterbury!  

Favorite Social Media: Does Last Week Tonight count as social media? John Oliver is my hero.

Favorite Website: I spent countless hours relaunching RW's new website, so it is kind of my favorite! :)

Vermont Business Person you would like to have lunch with:  Pat Moulton. She seems like an economic development rockstar.

Career Highlights: Getting to shake President and Mrs. Obama's hands when they were in Vermont was a highlight. And after eight years of fundraising for higher education, various nonprofits and political campaigns, I've finally put my MA in Community Development & Planning to use. Being invited back to my alma mater to speak to students studying in this field was a special highlight.

Community Involvement: Somehow I landed in Vermont and I love living here. I hope to be a part of preserving and enhancing our natural assets and community values. I am grateful to those who have encouraged me to get involved in local politics and in local issues that I care deeply about. Though I work in Waterbury, I live in Burlington and I share a deep commitment to both communities. 

Serving on the Parks & Recreation Commission is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the incredible work the staff carry out everyday. Vibrant and well-maintained public parks and accessible recreational activities are vital to the health of any community and I see my role as an advocate for the Department and also as an ambassador to my neighbors. 

I am involved with Burlington Democrats because I believe in what the leadership in Burlington is doing to make our community an even better place to live and I hope to help recruit and elect people who share a vision of progress and team work. I am also involved with Emerge Vermont because I care about electing women to office and I know a lot of very smart and capable women who simply need encouragement and support in order to make the decision to run for office. I serve on the Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom board because "choice" means nothing without resources and in order for women to truly have a choice in their future they need resources to be able to exercise that right.


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