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ALLYSON Bartlett


Favorite Part of Job: I love that there are so many “parts” to my job. My favorite tasks, however, involve creativity and people. I enjoy the many facets of advertising—whether it’s producing a TV spot or designing a direct mail piece, and I thrive when connecting with people, whether internally through our Diversity & Inclusion Council or when out in the community.

Most Inspiring Mentor: Along with several colleagues who have mentored me in my career thus far, my parents are my most inspiring mentors. As independent business owners, they've taught me that success can be humble and hard-fought yet extremely gratifying. 

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: My husband and I own a photobooth and photobus business, Friendly Lens Photobooths. This new venture has taken us to many spectacular events, allowing us to meet new people and acquire an outlandish costume collection!  

Favorite Vermont Escape: Anywhere above tree line during any of Vermont’s splendid seasons! Burlington's live music scene is another favorite escape.

Favorite downtime activity: Spending time with the people I love—especially when hosting at Bolton Valley, whether it be at the dining room table, out on the slopes or around a fire. 

Favorite Social Media: Facebook for the social aspect of keeping in touch with just about anybody, and Instagram for its artistic application. 

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: Anthony Bourdain.

What is the best career advice you have received? "Your job will not define who you are—that's up to you."

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? Where will I be? I'm not entirely sure. So much will unfold in ten years. I hope that my path remains both exciting and challenging, though. I look forward to finishing my masters, starting a family, seeing more of the world, and growing in many other ways—both professionally and personally.

Career Highlights: Co-Owner and Founder

Friendly Lens Photobooth Business, VT

Community Involvement: Since high school I have been involved with community service through church, helping out at nursing homes, soup kitchens and  schools. Did mentoring, tutoring, home and abroad, even delivering meals on wheels in Australia.

BCBSVT - Key contributor on the forefront of many of the company’s community outreach. 

-Employee of the Month (July 2015)

-Involved with opportunities including Snow Days, National Walk @ Month, DragonBoat, COTS, Blue Socks for Kids.

St. Michael’s College MOVE program

Little Brother Little Sister program

International Student Housing

-Support college’s international student program

Meals on Wheels, Queensland

Pleasant View Retirement Home

-Visit and write memoirs for elderly 

Homestay Host Program

South Congregational Church


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