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Favorite Part of Job? My colleagues and my clients.  I work with amazing people, both lawyers and non-lawyers, and I'm honored to help my clients address the changes in health care.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My wife.   She reminds me not to play small.  But I am blessed with dozens of people (family members, teachers, and dear friends) who have guided me at key points in my life.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I once ran 13.1 miles dressed as Electra Woman.

Favorite Hobby: I'm a classically trained singer.  I study opera arias for fun.  I recently started aerial fabric classes.  

Favorite Vermont Escape: The Farm and Wilderness Summer Camps.

Favorite Social Media: The Brattleboro Co-op. I never get out of there without seeing someone I know. Facebook is a close second.

Favorite Website: Title 9.  What lawyer wouldn't love a clothing catalog named after the law that required equality in women's athletics?  (Plus they have the best clothes.)

Vermont Business Person you would like to have lunch with:  Sabra Field. I admire the way she has successfully made her art into a business.

Career Highlights: I once successfully obtained political asylum for a man who would have been killed if he had been deported to his home country. I have been instrumental in encouraging pro bono efforts throughout the firm.  I also put a treadmill under my standing desk, and sparked a stand-up revolution at DRM.  

Community Involvement: I love leading services for my Unitarian Universalist congregation.  Creating the service allows me to explore a particular subject and then find something to inspire the community so that we can continue to go out to make the world a better place.


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