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STEVE Gagner


Favorite Part of Job?
My favorite part of being a brewer is knowing that I have created something. Specifically, something that people can enjoy together while enjoying each other's company. There is something very rewarding to that.

Most Inspiring Mentor:
In my personal life, my parents Gaston and Lise, who worked exceptionally hard to ensure that their children were raised properly and in a loving home. In brewing, I really look up to Paul Saylor (Zero Gravity) and Steve Parkes (Drop-In brewing). They're both exceptionally talented brewers who are also always willing to lend a helping hand and words of advice and encouragement. If I can be half the brewer and mentor that they are to me, I will consider my time in this industry a smashing success.  

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know:
I love to make things. Whether it be cheese, beer, guitars or soap, I have a passion and need to create things.

Favorite Hobby:

Sleeping - which I don't get to do very often right now.

Favorite Vermont Escape:
Anywhere that is quiet and allows my wife Nicole and I to relax and enjoy each other's company without the stresses of the business or parenthood looming. With my schedule right now, we often don't get much more than a dinner date - but I'm thankful to have those moments together. 

Favorite Social Media:
Facebook. I love Twitter and Instagram as well, but Facebook allows me to share pictures and tell stories and truly share something engaging in a way that I feel is missing from the other platforms.

Favorite Website:
. It's a forum for professional brewers asking questions and sharing knowledge.

Vermont Business Person you would like to have lunch with:
I'm fortunate to have done this already: Mr Antonio Pomerleau. He's exceptionally insightful and is always free with his advice and wisdom - hard earned over his 80+ years in business in VT.

Career Highlights:
This is a toss-up: On the one hand, I love seeing people excited about St Albans again; it's a great little city worth exploring. On the other hand, the day we were able to hire new employees and pay them liveable wages was a milestone for me in that I was now responsible to someone other than myself for the success of the business.  

Community Involvement:
Personally, I'm involved in several fraternal orders benefitting the community. Additionally I serve on the St Albans City Economic Restructuring Committee and as a guest lecturer in Norwich University's business department, sharing my experiences both as a Soldier and Entrepreneur. We utilize our business' popularity to raise money for various charitable events and organizations, including the Vermont National Guard Charitable Foundation and Purple Hearts Reunited (a organization return lost or stolen medals of valor to the servicemen and women who earned them or their families), as well as organizing food drives and community works. Starting in the Spring 2015, we'll be mobilizing the "14th Star Army", organizing fans of the brewery to work hands-on with us on local projects that will benefit those in need or to improve and strengthen our community. Our greatest goal as a business is to help make our local community and state a better, more enjoyable and fulfilling place to live and raise a family. All of our community support activities are geared to that end.


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