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Favorite Part of Job: I love the working for myself. It comes with its own stresses to be sure, but nothing beats the freedom of living and dying by your decisions.

Most Inspiring Mentor: My father has consistently been right my whole life. As much as it pains me to give him so much credit, I humbly submit to his experience.

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I once considered myself the top women's shoe salesman in the state of Vermont. I have no concrete evidence to support this claim.

Favorite Vermont Escape: Camping at the Chittenden Reservoir

Favorite downtime activity: Tuesday night bar trivia

Favorite Social Media:Facebook...but it's a love hate relationship

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: Larry David

What is the best career advice you have received? Grow slow, grow rich, grow fast, go broke....basically, do your due diligence and don't make rash decisions. 

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? Working on a succession plan for my company and taking over as mayor of Rutland. Sorry Coppinger/Romeo

Career Highlights:

Mountain Cider Company, Chittenden, President 

Responsible for all operations, sales, marketing, strategy and administration for a small beverage manufacturing business. Primary duties include outlining strategic marketing initiatives, overseeing product production and fulfillment, sale

Community Involvement:

Rotary Club of Rutland, Chair of the Service Projects Committee. 

-In charge of finding need within the Rutland community and organizing Rotarians to address that need

-Built and maintained leads list of area organizations

-Tracked member participation

-Refined service project proposal procedures

Rutland County Parent Child Center, treasurer

-Responsible for compiling monthly treasurer reports for the board meetings

-Active participant in fundraising and capital campaign endeavors

Rutland Young Professionals, board member 

-Active participant on the Employer Relations Committee

-Assisting in development of member benefits packages

-Assisting in development of strategic plan. 

College of St. Joseph, adjunct professor 

-Educated Bachelors and Masters degree candidates in the field of Marketing

-Taught courses in Principals of Marketing, and Marketing Management

-Currently planning a course in Salesmanship and Negotiation

Rutland City Rotary, community service chair

-Coordinates the community service projects for the club

Additional service: Relay for Life team, Rotary park clean up, fire hydrant painting, blood drive recruitment.

Also: named Rotarian of the Year, and dancer in the Dancing with the Rutland Stars fundraiser


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