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AMY CunninghamAmy Cunningham

Everybody Wins VT!

Career Highlights:
Amy Cunningham, Executive Director of Everybody Wins! Vermont, is one of the most talented and effective leaders in the worlds of mentoring and children’s literacy. Amy stands out in her capacity to inspire others to give the best in themselves and has combined that with her ability to think strategically and act tactically to emerge as one of the leaders in the Vermont youth mentoring community statewide. I’m confident her success in increasing the impact of EW! VT will be repeated throughout her career in increasingly important ways that will benefit our wonderful state and the people who reside here.

Community Involvement:

  • Everybody Wins! Vermont- Reading
  • Barre Youth Mentoring Program - Mentor
  • Barre Historical Society - Board Member
  • Barre Partnership - Board Member
  • Vermont History Day Judge
  • Vermont History Expo Volunterr
  • Vemront Women's History Project Advisory Board

Favorite part of job?
Talking to mentors about how the EW! VT experience changed their lives. Watching EW! VT students light up in excitement to see their mentor.

Most inspiring mentor?
My grandfather, Col. Glenn Preston Brooks

Who is your living hero?
Same as above

Favorite downtime activity?
Knitting or gardening

Favorite Vermont Escape?
Chelsea Flea Market

Favorite social network?

Favorite website?
I usually start my day with Google News headlines and read from there.

Vermont Business Person you would most want to network with?
This is tough…In general, I’d say I’d be interested to get know one of the many VT business innovators who have made social responsibility a core part of their business.

 VBM's Publisher John Boutin, Alison Davis and Lt. Governor Phil Scott.