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ALEX Bunten


Favorite Part of Job: Working on a wide variety of challenging projects, constantly learning about the place where I grew up, while at the same time working with creative, talented folks from all over Vermont.  

Most Inspiring Mentor: I always looked up to a former boss I had in Scotland, Greig Robertson. He was a successful social entrepreneur working to revive derelict tenement greenspaces in Edinburgh. He was passionate about what he did, wore a lot of hats and always had a good sense of humor. 

Tell us something fun about yourself that few people know: I’m a great advocate for Vermont’s oft-underappreciated pastime—jackjumping. Mix Yankee ingenuity with design and a hearty dose of courage and you have a splendid way to align yourself with gravity for the long, cold winters. 

Favorite Vermont Escape: Mt. Philo. It’s a short hike, but the views are second to none year-round. And it’s a great place to try your hand at jackjumping.

Favorite downtime activity: Reading a good book or tinkering—fixing things, breaking things, experimenting.

Favorite Social Media: Facebook. While living abroad, it was essential. 

Person you would like to share a Vermont beverage with: Governor Shumlin. I bet he’d have a good story or two to tell about the modern history of our fine state.

What is the best career advice you have received? “Do not try to achieve, only do.” A long-time friend, Rae Ishee, wrote this on the back of a sketch she made of my double bass years ago. It always stuck with me.

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? Working in publishing or nonprofit management. I’d love to somehow mix my international experience in research and education with the diversity of publishing and the mission-driven nature of the nonprofit sector in Vermont. On the way, I hope to have written a thing or two worth reading.

Community Involvement: 

Burlington-Yaroslavl Sister City program, grew a moustache for Movember, raising awareness and funds for global men’s health issues, Ran the Bilbao Night Marathon for charity: water to fund the building of a well in Northern Ethiopia

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