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Favorite Part of Job: I love being a part of creating something new and building every piece of it from the ground up. The Fund for Innovation was launched only seven months ago, so it is ever-evolving but the work we are doing now is going to shape the Fund for years to come and that is a really exciting place to be.

Most Inspiring Mentor: Three summers ago, I was paired with Andrew Stickney for an internship at the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies. Since day one, Andrew has been an incredible mentor who has pushed me to grow professionally and supported me in all my endeavors. I am lucky to call him a good friend in addition to a great mentor. 

Favorite Vermont Escape: Kayaking in Lake Champlain has been one of my greatest experiences since getting to Vermont. 

Favorite Social Media: Instagram, hands down. I am a very design-oriented person and I love seeing how my friends view and capture their worlds. 

Where do you see yourself professionally in ten years? In ten years, I want to be working at a venture capital firm, preferably at one focused on impact investing, the environment, or technology, and ideally at one focused on all of the above. I think entrepreneurship and innovation are the way to solve the world's biggest problems and I hope to be a part of those solutions through my work.

Community Involvement:

MiddVentures Board Member

Senator at Middlebury College Student Government Association. The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student group tasked with representing the interests of the general student body and acting on them with policy change.

Creativity & Innovation programs at Middlebury College 

-Student-driven programs that promote creative problem solving, innovative thinking, and intellectual risk-taking in the student body

LaunchVT – board member and steering committee

-Part of discussions surrounding strategy, event coordination, long-term planning, and other subjects focused on how to keep LaunchVT innovative. 

-Read competition applications 


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